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What makes me happy and successful?

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The wish of every human being is to be healthy, happy and successful. Many people are looking for this and regularly keep going in circles because of their own mindset. As a result, people continue to deal with their emotions and traumas on a physical, emotional and mental level. The key to controlling your emotions and tackling your core problem, that is the key to a Healthy & Wealthy life. This blog is about discovering the answer to the question: what makes me happy and successful?

The basis for a successful life

The basis for success is that your health is in balance in the first instance. It is so obvious when you have good health. You exercise daily and you eat healthy. You feel like you're doing a good job. Suddenly out of nowhere, you get a disease. You are completely overwhelmed by it and you are in a mill of hospital visits. Your life that was good has suddenly turned into a nightmare. You wonder, how come?

Blockages in your body

People are often unaware of the energetic part in the human body and of what they themselves create with their own mindset. Unconsciously or consciously you can carry blockages in your body, which can cause you to get diseases at a young age or which you are often unaware of, strengthen your diseases through the power of your own mindset.

What is a Block?

A blockage is literally a disturbance in the energy flow in your body. A blockage arises from an unprocessed emotional event. The moment you don't like something or experience it as unpleasant, a blocked cell is created in your body. Imagine people laughing at you when giving a presentation. You turn red and you want to sink through the ground. You push these emotions away and the cell with that energy settles in your body, without you being aware of it.

A few weeks later you give another presentation. You make a blunder and people laugh at you again. You feel extremely embarrassed about this blunder. You notice that your reaction to this is more intense than the first time. In this situation you store this energy in the same cell. That means that around the first cell of energy now, a second cell has established itself in your body. The cells, as it were, connect with each other and grow larger with every situation that you link to it with emotion, thought and conviction.

A core blockage runs deeper and stems from past lives. By removing this core blockage, you come home to your true self. You can only remove these core blockages together with me because of the energy that is released. The energy that is released is often intense, so it needs guidance so that the old energy can be lovingly released and you remain in your strength.

The power of your mindset and words

Everything you do and what is around you is energy. We are all connected. Everything you think or the emotions you have has an energy frequency. You send out these energy frequencies. Every person has a personal perception of his or her reality. Your own ideas, your unique vision of life and your personal beliefs. What is your reality and what thoughts do you have every day? When you change, the whole world around you changes.

Everything in the universe consists of energy. As humans, we are tiny particles that vibrate quickly or slowly in this. Every part of our body consists of vibrating particles. These particles behave as energy and can be measured in hertz. That means that the emotions have their own frequency. There are different kinds of emotions. Emotions that we want to hide and have a lower frequency. Think of guilt, shame, anger and fear. There are also positive emotions that have a high frequency. Think of love, gratitude, enthusiasm and freedom.

Your thoughts and attracting what you want to put down. Become aware of the words you say to yourself and others throughout the day. Are these words positive and focused on possibilities or are these words focused on negativity and shortcomings?

Take the first steps towards a successful life

That means that if you become aware of your thoughts and that your beliefs and emotions have a vibration frequency with which you can attract everything, it is important, for example, to stay positive. That is very challenging, because you can suddenly find yourself in a violent situation. Below are 2 tips what you can do in any case:

  • Focus on the positive sentence: I am and I stay fit, vital, healthy, strong and powerful. Repeat this sentence as often as you can with negative thoughts.
  • Find out for yourself why this disease is in your life and what its meaning is.

I myself have had asthma for many years. The reason was because I allowed myself to be suppressed. When I had tackled the core blockade and I very consciously started working with my mindset, my asthma is now over years later. The doctor could not explain this. I am very grateful for it myself, because I no longer use medication. The quality of my life has improved tremendously.

Prevention is better than cure

It is of course more important to get started right away with learning to control your daily emotions and to solve the core blocks and emotional triggers. With this you can prevent diseases. If you are in balance, then there are visualizations to keep your health in balance.

Do you want to know where you stand?

If you want to know where you stand in your life in terms of health and success? Schedule a no-obligation conversation. Then I zoom in on your situation and give you a very transparent overview of what you need at that moment.

If you can change your mind,
You can change your life!

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