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Because of my unique special gift I get straight to the core of your problem. Where other coaches have to look for the right methodology, I know within minutes exactly what you need and in how many sessions I can help you and how I make you independent, which saves you a lot of time and money. My special gifts allow me to distinguish myself from the many coaches who are on this market and you will be amazed by the result. 

So the question is not why, but when do you want to get in touch with me? Many preceded you and have been able to help goal-oriented and successful in a short time. Do you also want to get out of this favicon-empower-yourself-coaching circle? Empower your team, organization or you as a person. If you want to know more, read the FAQ below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a journey of discovery into who you really are. During the coaching you become aware of the themes that play a common role in your daily life and why these themes have come into your life.

In a coaching session we tackle your actual core problems. By tackling your core problems where they originated, space is created and your traumas are addressed directly, including the most intense emotions that can bring you down daily if a trigger is hit.

By removing the core problem, triggers melt away like snow in the sun and never come back into your life. This means that the lessons have been learned and the themes no longer cross your path. If somehow the themes do come your way, then you know how to react, that's it and you continue with your activities.

Because the core problem is gone, you can start changing your beliefs yourself. These arose from old patterns, habits and shielding mechanism. This allows you to consciously choose new behaviour, because the lessons have been learned. As a result, you are really liberated from the themes in your life afterwards.

What is the difference between a psychologist, a therapist, a healer and a coach?

A psychologist, therapist, healer and coach aim to put the well-being of the person first, but the technique differs.

  • A psychologist is an expert in psychology. A psychologist is interested in the underlying thinking/feeling/experience and brain processes. A psychologist's goal is to explain the entire behavior of human beings at different levels (cognitive processes and neurological processes). Psychologists use EMDR as therapy to reverse trauma. However, this works temporarily, because the core problem is not addressed at the core.
  • A therapist is concerned with healing processes of people in the health field. The aim of the therapy is to solve health problems. A diagnosis follows and a therapeutic diagnosis can also be made.
  • A healer works on an energetic level. Blockages are energetically resolved. The healer tackles the core of the problem, so that traumas disappear and do not come back (my specialization and not every healer can do this, because not everyone can oversee this). It is a very goal-oriented method, where you experience immediate results after a session and you go through life without triggers. The healer explains why situations come your way and what you can apply daily to stay in your power. By means of the request for help, the healer can work very focused and you can get rid of triggers, blockages and your trauma in a short time. This allows you to focus on your life mission. So you can create your life the way you want it.
  • Coaching is a structured and goal-oriented process, in which the coach interactively encourages the client to act effectively through: awareness and personal growth. It increases your self-confidence and the development and application of your own possibilities.

What does Empower Yourself coaching look like?

Empower Yourself makes the unique combination of coaching and healership. Through my personal experiences and struggles in life, I have discovered that I have a gift. Because of this gift I really tackle core problems at the core. I will explain to you why this situation has occurred. You can start changing your beliefs yourself. Of course you will receive a tool with it, so that you can let go of old beliefs even more efficiently and purposefully.

My approach is extremely goal-oriented and you have immediate results. I am far from floaty. The core problem that is removed will never come back. As a result, when you start working with old patterns and beliefs, you are really liberated from your themes and challenges in your life. With this you can do what you really have to do in this life and everything is based on flow, pleasure and ease. It is also the first step to an abundant life and a healthy body, as blockages left for years can potentially lead to disease. As a result, my specialization for healer is really healing.

For example, because you tackle your core problem in 3 coaching sessions, you save a search for the right coach, therapist, psychologist or healer and this saves you time and money afterwards. And you are rid of your core problems and blockages once and for all.

During an intake interview, we first discuss your request for help. After we have discussed it briefly, we will start working on a visualization together. As a result, you immediately experience relaxation and how you can easily stand in your power on a daily basis, including tips and tools.

During the visualization I get the number of sessions that is needed to tackle your core problems, blockages and triggers. This is always clean. If you decide to give yourself this gift, we will start with the coaching session. During this coaching session we go into depth together.

What does a coaching session look like?

During a coaching session we discuss the progress of your request for help and what you are encountering. You will also receive tailored tools and tips personally for you and which (if you apply this) immediately achieve results. Then we will work extensively with your core blockades. On average this takes 60 minutes including explanation. 

After energetically removing the core problems, we discuss this after how you experienced this. Questions you have will also be discussed and answered.

Then you close with a good feeling, results and tips for aftercare after a visualization/healing. My advice is to book a 60 minute session, because you get a lot of information that goes too fast for you in 30 minutes. This way you get the most and the best out of the session for yourself.


If you want to know how other clients have experienced the coaching sessions, read these reviews. This only gives an idea and feeling what is possible. Personal elements are not included in these reviews due to privacy.

How do I make an appointment and where do I make the payment?

To make an appointment, I refer you to this link. Here you enter the times that suit you. You will then receive the final appointment with zoom link in your email. You can also make an appointment at my location, please indicate this when making your appointment.

Before the coaching sessions take place you make the payment via this link for personal coaching and for business coaching you make the payments via this link. After payment you will receive the invoice via email.

Why are my prices higher compared to other coaches? Including phases to create your most beautiful life.

I get this question regularly. The difference with other healers and coaches is the unique combination that gives you immediate results. You get value for money and even more. It's no nonsense and you only get what you need. And the results are permanent unlike psychologists and therapists and other healers. Unlike other healers, I can really remove the core problems and blockages, so that it does not come back. Many healers remove parts and help you further, but do not get to the actual core. Because of my personal lessons you will save at least 10 years of development time and you will benefit from my lessons learned. 

There are different phases in the process of creating a Healthy and Wealthy life and your most beautiful life:

The duration of each phase differs per person, because it depends on your life mission and your personal development. I can help you in every area with every phase. This differs per person and is tailor-made. As a human being you never finished learning. When you have reached the last phase, you can continue to grow without limitation.

I'm sick and I can't keep my coach appointment.

Send an email to:

Cancellation is free of charge up to 1 working day prior to the start of the coaching. If canceled less than 24 hours prior to the coaching, the coaching session will be charged. Exceptions are negotiable.


Step 1

Start with the core problem
In the first session we dig deep and work on your core problem. My gift is my ability to get straight to the root of your problem. Because we work on this from the start, we avoid getting stuck in a vicious circle.


Step 2

Deal with emotions and let them go
We now know where the core problem lies and why you attract certain situations. The next step is about emotions. Your thoughts determine your feelings and these influence your behaviour. When you let go of emotions, your thoughts become calmer.


Step 3

Analyse your beliefs & work on them
After letting go of emotions, you start working on your beliefs. These have been ingrained during your upbringing or by negatively labelled situations that you have stored in your system. The core problem is linked to the central themes in your life. Everyone has several recurring themes that are a common factor in their lives.


Step 4

Choose new beliefs
Once you know where a belief originates, you can also consciously choose a new belief that matches you and your values and standards. As a result, you change your behaviour, for instance, by setting personal boundaries.


Step 5

Evaluate every week
Every week, evaluate your behaviour and adapt if necessary using the EMPOWER model. Keep control of your life and experience the joy of achieving your goals effortlessly in the flow. Your request for help has been answered and no longer has a hold over you.

Using the methods I developed, I get people to take action and provide them with the tools for achieving their goals, a step at a time.

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