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Empower Yourself?

Because of my unique special gift I get straight to the core of your problem. Where other coaches have to look for the right methodology, I know within minutes exactly what you need and in how many sessions I can help you and how I make you independent, which saves you a lot of time and money. My special gifts allow me to distinguish myself from the many coaches who are on this market and you will be amazed by the result. 

So the question is not why, but when do you want to get in touch with me? Many preceded you and have been able to help goal-oriented and successful in a short time. Do you also want to get out of this favicon-empower-yourself-coaching circle? Empower your team, organization or you as a person.

Start here with your success.

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Step 1

Start with the core problem
In the first session we dig deep and work on your core problem. My gift is my ability to get straight to the root of your problem. Because we work on this from the start, we avoid getting stuck in a vicious circle.


Step 2

Deal with emotions and let them go
We now know where the core problem lies and why you attract certain situations. The next step is about emotions. Your thoughts determine your feelings and these influence your behaviour. When you let go of emotions, your thoughts become calmer.


Step 3

Analyse your beliefs & work on them
After letting go of emotions, you start working on your beliefs. These have been ingrained during your upbringing or by negatively labelled situations that you have stored in your system. The core problem is linked to the central themes in your life. Everyone has several recurring themes that are a common factor in their lives.


Step 4

Choose new beliefs
Once you know where a belief originates, you can also consciously choose a new belief that matches you and your values and standards. As a result, you change your behaviour, for instance, by setting personal boundaries.


Step 5

Evaluate every week
Every week, evaluate your behaviour and adapt if necessary using the EMPOWER model. Keep control of your life and experience the joy of achieving your goals effortlessly in the flow. Your request for help has been answered and no longer has a hold over you.

Using the methods I developed, I get people to take action and provide them with the tools for achieving their goals, a step at a time.

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