What makes me happy?

Chances are you've asked yourself this question at some point in your life.
What makes me happy? A question that everyone answers differently. Happiness is something you want to experience, without it becoming a huge quest. Personal development is key in this and helps you discover how you give value to your life. The search for your value in life is about finding your personal life purpose & life mission. Once you discover your mission, you experience meaning in your life on a daily basis. When you have meaning you are in flow and do what you love to do.

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Discover the answer to the question: what can make me happy?

Being truly happy is a process. It entails going through 4 transformation phases for sustainable change towards happiness. It’s not enough to ask yourself: What makes me happy? you also have to do something about it. Experiencing happiness comes your day when you work on it every day. It is a lifestyle and not a quick fix or program. I help you to go through the different phases, essential to accelerating the transformation to a happy life. I personally went through these phases, and as a result developed the tools that will really make a difference in your life. I will give you the answer to the question: What can make me happy?

The 4 transformation phases for a health, wealth, abundance and prosperity in life are:

1. Core problems – if you keep going around in circles or getting stuck in your life

First of all, it is about recognizing themes and challenges in your life. If you decide to tackle these themes, we will work on your core blockades together. Every person has issues that he or she encounters on a daily basis. Think, for example, of anxiety attacks, putting yourself second, pleasing behavior, defense mechanisms, solving karma and traumas. It is essential to ask: What makes me happy? Going through a change, a divorce, death or a traumatic event means your life suddenly looks completely different. At that moment, triggers are activated in your system that can affect you on a daily basis. You get stuck in a vicious circle or you get stuck completely. Experience for yourself how tackling your core blocks works. The effect is immediate.

2. Emotion management – ​​managing your emotions on a daily basis

In a number of sessions, your core problems and the most intense emotions associated with them will be completely resolved and you will feel liberated and powerful. The second step is to learn how to manage your emotions. Once you have healed and are no longer blocked, you progress to the next level And have better insight into the question of what makes you happy? During remote healings tailored to your specific needs, you get to work with your emotions in the situations that are challenging for you. You receive a message prior to your personal session and receive help with the most intense emotions. Afterwards, you will feel liberated and in control of your emotions, so that you remain empowered in every situation and can choose to react differently. These are the right steps for living in the flow, experiencing pleasure and being at ease without the intense experience of the emotions. What makes me happy? soon becomes a lifestyle and not a question.

3. Life mission – everyone has a life mission for which he or she came to earth

Every person is born with a life mission. A life mission can come in different formats: being a mother, learning to love yourself to major life-changing missions. Like setting up a business or a gift you have as a lightworker or a special talent that you can give to the world. Together with you I look at what you are really meant to do in this life and guide you with your gift and a personal handbook. Follow your path and live in relaxation, flow, with pleasure and ease. You use your talents for others. Besides knowing what you have to do, we zoom in on the blocks that keep you from doing what you are really meant to do. Through a distance healing, the circumstance holding you back are fixed. In a session we tackle the emotional splinters together and you receive an explanation as to why this has crossed your path. As a result, you can walk towards your life purpose and understand how to give a more concrete answer to the question: What makes me happy?

4. Manifesting – using the law of attraction

Once you have handled the blocks and applied emotion management, you are ready for the next step. We teach you that nothing stands in the way of creating your most beautiful life. We have learned from our personal experiences and from the law of attraction and know better than anyone when you can start the manifesting program. This is how we know that there are deeper and hidden layers blocking you. Once you have dealt with these layers, it is possible to manifest. Book the free intake session now and get an insight into where you stand, and an answer to the question: What makes me happy?

5 step method – for your core blocks, emotions, beliefs & old behavior

The 5 step methodology helps you transform your life. The 5-step method consists of phases you go through when you tackle your core blocks. I developed these steps so you can determine where you stand and what you can do on a daily basis. An individual’s inner journey is ongoing and is infinite. My personal experiences have taught me how I can help you, so that you can go through your process faster and get an answer to the question: What makes me happy? This saves you at least 10 to 15 years of time spent on personal development. In an introductory session I determine the number of sessions you need for your personal transformation.

Get started on your old patterns

Once the core blocks are resolved, with the appropriate tools, you can start on turning your old patterns into beliefs that are better suited to you. You may find it challenging to change old patterns into new behaviors. Then through distance healings, you can work with me on emotion management. This accelerates your process of getting to know yourself better and enable you to answer the question: What makes me happy?

You have dealt with your blocks and you have your emotions completely under control. The next step you can take is to zoom in on your life mission.

What makes me happy? Here’s to real happiness!

You have dealt with your blocks and your emotions are completely under control. The next step is to zoom in on your life mission. Your life mission is what you do from your heart and what gives meaning to your life. You may have a gift that you are not yet aware of. Discover what you are really meant to do, and do what gives you energy and experience more happiness. What can make me happy? Discover your life mission!

  • Break through old patterns and create new beliefs.
  • Did you run into old patterns during the 5-step method?
  • Follow the steps below and create new beliefs.

1. Recognize your behavioral patterns

Become aware of your behavioral patterns and the patterns you would like to let go of. This is the only way to answer the question: What makes me happy? What are my fears, worrying or negative thoughts about myself or others? If you zoom in further on this, you discover why you are distracted from not breaking these patterns. Beliefs like: 'I can't do it. Who is waiting for me?' Or are you, for example, controlled by the issues of the day, social media or your WhatsApp messages, because you are afraid of missing out? These are examples of distractions that keep you from your true potential.

2. Become aware of behavior patterns that are getting in your way

Are you aware of the distractions? Make sure you make time to rest and unwind for a happier life. Introduce silence into your life; it helps you zoom in on your old patterns and become aware of the situations in which you apply them. Once you get to the core of an old pattern, it's easier to break through it and aim for more happiness.

3. What ideas and thoughts do you have?

If you are clear about the situations in which you use your old patterns, you can zoom in on what you tell yourself at those moments. Perhaps these patterns were created during your childhood, perhaps they are beliefs that arose when you were 8 years old and that you still act on at 40. Where do they come from, what are you telling yourself and is that correct,? Choose more happiness and get an answer to the question: What makes me happy?

4. What feeling does your thoughts evoke?

As you become aware of these thoughts, zoom in on the feeling these thoughts evoke. Imagine Jasmine worrying about her job and domineering manager. She thinks: 'Oh dear, he'll have another outburst soon.' I I’ll have made a mistake and I can forget about the promotion again this year. The emotions that Jasmine feels here are brought about by her nerves and tension. Jasmine procrastinates because she is more concerned with the thought than with doing what she should to actually earn her promotion. She is getting in the way of her own happiness.

5. How would you like to feel?

Determine for yourself how you want to feel in a given situation. Jasmine has no control over the circumstances in the example above. She doesn't know if her supervisor wants to give a promotion. However, she can change her feelings, so that she makes a positive impression on her supervisor. In this situation, Jasmine chooses a positive thought, so that she no longer experiences nerves. A first step towards more happiness!

6. What action can you take to break an ingrained pattern?

Jasmine's positive thinking enables her to be proactive and act in a way that benefits her personal development. In any case, this makes an impression on her manager and is a starting point for her to zoom in further with her manager and maybe even earn a promotion next time. That's how she creates her own happiness.

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What makes me happy? Find the answer to the question!

You want to experience daily happiness; it is your birthright, however you face challenges every day, everyone does. Some people solve these themselves and sometimes the challenges or situations are so intense that they need help. Choose more happiness in your life right now.

As a life coach, spiritual teacher, medium, healer, transformation coach and manifestation coach I help you with every issue in your life. Situations that you have been dealing with almost from the time you were born, up to and including the time of your passing. I fine-tune every question for you, so that you always get the right answer for that moment. If necessary, we will work together to tackle your core problems and emotions, so you can create more happiness.

That means that you can continue your life journey. My goal is to help every person become independent, so they learn to love themselves and to spread love in the world. Everyone can and can experience happiness, discover how now!

If you are facing challenges, I'm here for you. Choose to do the 4 change phases with me for a healthy, wealthy, abundant and prosperous life. I will coach you weekly and share all my experiences, tips and tools with you to really create your most beautiful happiness-filled life.

Whatever challenges you encounter, I am here to help you, support you and give you the confidence that you can really handle anything and that anything is possible.

You can also choose to do the 4 change phases for a healthy, wealthy, abundant and prosperous life with me. I will coach you weekly and share all my experiences, tips and tools with you to really create your most beautiful life.

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