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Relaxation visualisation

If, after listening to the short relaxation visualisation, you need a longer relaxation visualisation for more flow in your life, then download the visualisation here. Enjoy it and notice the difference.

Visualisation is a powerful technique that can help you overcome obstacles and achieve goals. It is important to apply it effectively. Thoughts and images you create during the visualisation create (new) neural pathways. Your brain 'tells' the neurons that you are performing an action, which leads to a type of 'behaviour-memory'.

By creating these pathways your brain is more likely to choose these paths when you actually perform the visualised action. Because the action is familiar to your brain, you can improve behaviour or performance and, in so doing, contribute to achieving your goals.

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Visualisation can support you in improving performance or changing your mood.
Would you like a custom visualisation, send an email to and we can discuss your wishes.

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