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Tool kit: Stand strong in every situation

Super that you downloaded the tool kit, Stand strong in every situation: a gift especially for you and companion to the book, 10 Steps to Overcome Domination.

Use the workbook for your insights and overview. Save the workbook to your computer before you start. The morning and evening visualisations help you to feel empowered. Enjoy!

Morning visualisation

This morning visualisation will help you remain empowered every day, when you are confronted with people who drain your energy. Like a computer, people store everything the experience. Files are saved but you have no idea where they can be found. And that's the case with other people's energy: it gets into your system, causing you to feel different, for example, angry or sad, when just before, you were cheerful.

So, just as you protect your telephone with a special cover, as a HSP you need to feel strong every day instead of being drained by other people's energy. By shielding your system every day in the morning, you stay in your own energy. That way, you can get the best out of yourself during the day. Train yourself to shield your system every day (for example after brushing your teeth in the morning) and feel the difference. It only takes a couple of minutes a day. Enjoy your morning visualisation.

Evening visualisation

After working with people all day, you may absorb their energy. Before you go to sleep, it's a good idea to let go of any energy from other people, still in your system. You can also do this visualisation when you have finished work. Do whatever feels good for you.

The evening visualisation helps you to let go of energy that's not yours, keeping your system in balance. At the same time, it's a moment of relaxation for you. I would recommend you do the evening visualisation at the same time every day, so that it becomes a habit. Experience the difference and notice how much energy you have left over. It only takes a couple of minutes a day. Enjoy your evening visualisation.

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Relaxation visualisation

If, after listening to the short relaxation visualisation, you need a longer relaxation visualisation for more flow in your life, then download the visualisation here. Enjoy it and notice the difference.

Visualisation is a powerful technique that can help you overcome obstacles and achieve goals. It is important to apply it effectively. Thoughts and images you create during the visualisation create (new) neural pathways. Your brain 'tells' the neurons that you are performing an action, which leads to a type of 'behaviour-memory'.

By creating these pathways your brain is more likely to choose these paths when you actually perform the visualised action. Because the action is familiar to your brain, you can improve behaviour or performance and, in so doing, contribute to achieving your goals.

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Visualisation can support you in improving performance or changing your mood.
Would you like a custom visualisation, send an email to info@empoweryourselfcoach.com and we can discuss your wishes.

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