Reviews about other coaches

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Coach Marcel Steenbruggen

“I started my business five years ago. I had a logo designed and I had a very nice website. I received many compliments about the feel and look of the website, but unfortunately had very little turnover. I went looking for the right business coach and had made significant investments and I still had no increasing turnover.

Then Marcel crossed my path. Marcel advised me to focus on business coaching in addition to personal coaching. A new logo and corporate identity. This meant that my previous website, which I had built with a lot of love and pleasure, was going to tear down and rebuild. Marcel has looked at my product range and my target groups. Based on this, I wrote a second book.

After the website went live, Marcel started refining my website. This meant that very small adjustments (which he immediately sees and tackles), really make a difference in your turnover. He also had an enormous sense of where I could best approach my ideal customers. All this resulted in my monthly turnover having at least tripled. I really feel like I have a business now. Marcel also motivated me to think big. As a result, I am now also doing business internationally.

Marcel I am very grateful to you that I came across you as a business coach, that I now have a flourishing company and that I really think in possibilities. I have self-confidence and that is reflected in my company. I can really recommend it to any entrepreneur.

With Marcel you immediately start a change process, where you experience real results after a few months and see this reflected in your turnover. My customers are very grateful to me, because they now know where to find me.”

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