★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Personal coaching & life mission coaching

'Nothing is a coincidence in life, so it's not even that I, our whole family, ended up with Chantal. For years I had regularly suffered from a certain panic feeling at night, as if I was choking or could not breathe anymore and for which I had also sought "help" several times over the years but nothing helped. Until we came across Chantal through friends and through a very nice intake conversation it immediately became clear how many sessions I needed to tackle this. No sooner said than done. Those sessions felt very nice and familiar and often emotional, but that is apparently also necessary at the same time because there are always emotional blockages through which we "be (become) the way we are and do the way we do". A lot, if not everything, comes from past lives and it is necessary to clear those blockages and connected emotions. Don't see it as a quick fix for all problems because you will also have to do a few things yourself, but what I described she can remove and solve. In addition, I also wanted to know what my life mission is and the funny thing is that what I was told in the first place was not what I expected (hoped) but was what I actually knew deep down since my early childhood but deep down tucked away and have now been given the tools to work towards this. I have experienced everything as a very nice spiritual and emotional journey. Thanks for that Chantal!' - Robert ten Berge

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