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Abundance is also for you!

Quiet down, close your eyes and think about something you wanted and also received. Think about the positive feelings before and after you received it. Words are very powerful. Every day you have a lot of thoughts and feelings that automatically attract things to you. It is important that you first become aware of whether your thoughts and feelings are positive or negative. Positive thoughts are much more powerful than negative thoughts. One positive thought can wipe out hundreds of negative thoughts. You are the source of your abundance and money flow. By working with your feelings, thoughts and intentions you can become the master of creating what you want. What steps do you start with?

There are 3 stages in the process of creating abundance in all areas of your life:

  1. Discover the blocks and themes that you encounter every day in your life.
  2. Start your transformation process by working on your core problem.
  3. Define your dream goals.

Will you take the first step towards abundance?

Personal coach - Abundance is also for you!

'Chantal, how fantastic. When you think of abundance you initially think of money, but attracting money is not what I came to Chantal for. I just came for my dream partner. I ran into the wrong men every time and my relationships never lasted long and there was a lot of hassle. By working with Chantal for a few weeks, I found out why this kept happening to me. I can only speak about myself here but the why question has been solved and I no longer attract bad men through my own energy and attraction. A very special method Chantal. Thanks for your help.'

Would you like to discover what stage you are at in a personal session with me?

€ 25,00

After requesting a session, you will receive an email asking you to indicate the preferred dates and times. You will then receive an email with the final date and a Zoom link.

The truth about abundance

Because your thoughts create your reality, you can create an even better life for yourself by learning to think bigger and with no limitations. Thinking with no limitations increases your creativity, expands your possibilities and allows you to receive more.

Boundless thinking helps you get in touch with the higher image of your life and connects you to the deeper understanding of yourself. The greatest successes also started with a single idea. It is important to have the unconditional faith that it will work and to have the burning desire to keep going where other people may stop.

If, despite a positive mindset, positive feelings and thoughts, you have not yet created your dream goal there is a good chance that there is a deeper layer underneath. It is therefore important to investigate this deeper layer.

Homing in on the deeper layer in your subconscious mind means examining every theme. When you look at these themes and tackle the core problem, you discover the true journey to your deeper self.
By embarking on this journey, you learn why situations have come your way. Then you can decide to do things differently or better.

If you have addressed your core problem and are focused, you are already creating your more positive future today. It may take you a year to fully address your core problem, and remain empowered in every situation. The next step is that you are ready to achieve your dream goal. The persistent person works on creating his or her dream goal, enjoying the journey and all the opportunities to realise goals, in the meantime.

Who am I?

My name is Chantal and even as a child I was aware that I was different. I was extremely sensitive and could tell immediately whether or not I was being told the truth. When, after 15 years, because of my personal themes, I found myself at rock bottom and wanted to get out, I discovered my gift of transformational and life coach.

Through my personal struggles in life, I discovered tools that I use to resolve traumas, old pain, sadness and wounds. This allows me to transform people and teams in just a short time, so they can discover what they are really meant to do. Because I see the root of a problem, which I then resolve together with you, you transform into a better version of yourself. This allows you to do whatever you are really meant to do.

It had been 6 years since I really started tackled the root of my core problems, which led to the creation of the 5-step method. After that I started working with emotions, beliefs that define my values and standards.

I went through all 3 stages myself and noticed that my gift enables me to transform people in 1 session. People embrace themselves, and then their talents and gifts become visible. Then I help them discover their life mission and I work very purposefully on releasing blocks, beliefs and emotions so that nothing stands in the way of them achieving their dream goal(s).

For you, that means focussing on following your heart and doing what you really want to do. Save your time and money; you need look no further for the right coach.

Special offer for you

Since I understand better than anyone what it is to think from scarcity and that to get stuck in blocks, emotions and beliefs, I have a special offer for you.

In a 30-minute zoom session, you can gain insight into which stage you are at and the best action to take to get out of this vicious circle. You will receive concrete tips, to help you take the first steps. You will discover your mission and we will achieve your dream goals together. I help you to stand on your own two feet and enable you to achieve this yourself.

€ 25,00

After requesting a session, you will receive an email asking you to indicate the preferred dates and times. You will then receive an email with the final date and a Zoom link. Take the first steps towards your personal manifestation program.

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