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Everyone wants to live a healthy and happy life. In a session with me, you have discovered what stage you are at. The three stages for a Healthy & Wealthy life are:

  • You discover your blocks and themes in your life that you face on a daily basis.
  • Your transformation process starts so you can tackle your core problem.
  • You identify your dream goals & your life mission & create your best life!

 The length of each stage differs per person because this depends on your life mission and your personal development. As a human being, you are never finished learning. After reaching stage three 3, you can continue to grow indefinitely.

The combination of the 7 color healings and the daily application of the building blocks give you a power boost on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Because of the topics that are tackled per healing, you feel lighter and everything starts flowing again in your life. The emotional challenges you experience daily disappear because of the 7 color healings. These healings are therefore complementary to tackling your core problems and your life mission. The order in which you do these doesn't matter. Everything fits exactly as it is intended for you.

When you have received the distance healings, get started with the 3 color healing to keep your physical, emotional and mental body in balance.

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1. Seminar Healthy & Wealthy life

Click the button below and receive the slides of the 6 building blocks for a Healthy & Wealthy life. When you attend the seminar you gain insight into where you currently stand and where you want to grow towards. If you haven't followed the seminar yet, you can sign up here.

View the seminar slides

2. Energy management for HSP

As a sensitive person, you have to deal with the energy of other people. To stay your true self in every situation, it is important to keep your energy management well-balanced. By being yourself  and therefore staying in your own, wonderful energy, you can also be there for others. I guide you through the tools that are important for you to keep your energy management well-balanced every day.


3. Happiness factor

I developed the happiness factor after my separation, to get my own life back on track. That's how the happiness factor came about. It has 8 themes for giving direction to your life. It is important to identify where you stand now and to build a basis from there. Once the basis is there, it can improve your quality of life. The happiness factor gives you direction, focus and overview of your life. Start working on defining your happiness factor.


4. After care & 3 colour healing

It is important to know what a healing does to you. Read more here and apply the tips. After the final session to discuss your insights, I explain why situations crossed your path. Then you can start working with the 3-colour hearing every day This helps you to stay emotionally, mentally and physically well-balanced. All you have to do is find a moment for yourself every day to listen to the 3-colour healing. Feel the positive vibes!

After care healing
Listen to the 3 colour healing

5. Let go of emotions & beliefs

After the healing sessions it is important to start dealing with emotions and beliefs. See for yourself which emotions suit you and which beliefs match who you are now. I guide you in the visualisation, so you can easily choose new beliefs, to help your life flow again. You can repeat the visualisation as many times as you want. The more you repeat this visualisation, the more impact it has.

Listen to the visualisation

6. Healthy & Wealthy life affirmations

Positive thoughts are very important for attracting more positivity into your life. Specially for you, I have recorded an affirmation visualisation that you can repeat as often as possible. Through repetition the sentences become embedded in your subconscious and then become habits. You can repeat the visualisation as often as you like. The more you listen to the visualisation the more powerful its effect.


You did the healing, you apply the 6 building blocks daily and you listen to the 3-colour healing every day. I would like to congratulate you: you are doing everything you can to get the best out of yourself and life.

It is important to work on your mindset every day. Think positively where possible and be creative so you make affirmations that give you a good feeling. It's possible you'll feel the effect immediately. My advice is to persevere. My personal affirmation is: All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory . I have said this out loud for 3 years. This past year I have noticed a direct result when I say this affirmation. Life flows effortlessly, with pleasure and ease and the right people and situations always cross my path. So if you don't see an immediate result, you need to work on your personal development. It's about the journey, not the destination.

If, during this journey, to which you have fully committed,  you face any challenges, I am here for you in confidential,  60-minute life coaching sessions. Remember, it's up to you to make the choice that can be life-changing for you. Positive vibes are already in you. Make sure you shine because the world needs you.


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