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After care visualisation & healing

In the last few weeks you and I have worked on step 1 of the 5-step method. The 5 step method looks like this:

  1. Start resolving core problems and your blocks.
  2. Dealing with emotions and letting them go.
  3. Work on beliefs and analyze them.
  4. Choose new beliefs.
  5. Evaluate weekly and redirect!

In a number of visualisation, I have helped you to remove your most intense emotions from previous lives and possibly from this life, too, so you can move on to apply steps through to 5. 

During the intake session we discussed the issues you encountered in your life. During the visualisation you discovered how you can easily apply your energy management every day. This is the way to remain empowered every day and shield yourself from another person's energy.

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During the intake session you hear how many coach sessions you will have. We will home in on your core problem in every session by means of the visualisation. This core problem consists of multiple layers:

  • Layers of stored emotions from other people that are attached to the block.
  • You reach the core of what is blocking you in this life.
  • Then you often go back to the core problem from a previous life.
  • The traumas are tackled layer for layer.
  • There are intense emotions associated with these traumas and together we will remove them if necessary. 

You can only let go of the core problem if you have learned the lessons and are ready to put a life theme behind you once and for all.

After every visualisation you let go of what is most necessary at that moment for your personal development. You will not notice everything immediately. However, it still means that the visualisation is working. 

It may be that because of years of patterns and habits, you only get more insights after 3 sessions. Give yourself time, you are in a transformation process, after all.  

The insights will reveal themselves automatically after a couple of sessions and as a result, your awareness will grow. Think of the fears you had, for example, to start dating and now suddenly you have the courage to do so. This means that the core problem, in this case fear, has been removed and you now dare to do things that blocked you up to now.

Start working on steps 2 through 5

It is important to start working on steps 2 through 5 yourself. To help you let go of beliefs, use the visualisation in step 4 of energy management. I recommend you turn on this visualisation in the evening when you are watching a film. This helps remove the fixed beliefs.

As an older soul you simply have more challenges and fixed beliefs.

Repeating positive affirmations helps and by lifting the veils (beliefs) you speed up the process. Start today, so only the pure beliefs that really suit you, remain.

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Tips for after care of a visualisation

As a sensitive person, you feel things sharply, and experience what this does to you, emotionally, mentally and physically. Your body heals itself automatically. I have given you some tips below for the after care of the visualisations you have received:

  • Make sure you drink enough, so your body can excrete the excess information faster.
  • Make sure you rest enough. That means listening to your body and sleeping when it's necessary. Rest helps you to relax and that helps your natural healing powers to work faster.
  • During a visualisation we run through the themes so you have an overview of what is happening at that moment in your life. Because your subconscious keeps working, you suddenly start to consciously have multiple insights. Perhaps the insights come to you in your dreams. Let them come to the surface and write them down.
  • You may feel temporarily more tired, or under the weather, or you feel slightly out of balance. That's part of the process because you are undergoing a transformation. After the following session, the most important themes of that moment will be treated. You experience that you are feeling lighter. Surrender to the process, take your time and allow yourself all the time you need.

Tips if you are (extremely) sensitive

As a sensitive person, you feel things sharply, and experience what this does to you, emotionally, mentally and physically. I have given you some tips below for the after care of the visualisations for (extremely) sensitive persons.

  • Use your breathing to stay in the present moment. Breathe at least 12 time in an out and feel what that does to you. Try not to attach a thought to what you are feeling.
  • Say a positive sentence to yourself 10 times, for example: I am a strong and focussed leader… repeat 9 more times until you feel the words.
  • Do your energy management in the morning and in the evening. If you notice you have absorbed someone else's energy during the day, go to step 3, do the visualisation immediately, and feel that you are in the present moment.
  • Write down what you are feeling. You may recognise a pattern and can track where the feeling and emotions come from. When you know where the emotions come from and what beliefs are behind them, choose whether you want to continue to use it, or to let it go and choose a belief that suits you better. Use step 4 of energy management to analyse your behaviour. You can use the lifting the veils visualisation to let go of beliefs. 

If you live in a house with several sensitive people, it is important that everyone in the family applies the daily energy management. You can do it together as a family, or you can teach your children, so that it becomes a habit.  

Children are a mirror and show you, as a parent, how you are behaving towards your child. If you emanate calm, you child automatically relaxes. If you are radiating stress, then you see that in your child's behaviour, which impacts the balance in the family. What behaviour are you showing (un)consciously every day?

Tips for daily energy management in your family

  • If your children are old enough to do the morning and evening visualisation, teach them to do this every day so your sensitive child can stay in his own, wonderful energy.
  • If your child is too young to understand what this is, you as a parent can send your child the aura protection. Do this as follows:
    Dear (child's name), I am sending love, light and violet fire to your whole aura, so you are protected all day long. Repeat this 9 to 12 times. This protects your child for 24 hours.
  • In the afternoon or evening, give your child an energetic shower. This washes other people's energy off your child. They often absorb the energy of other children, or the adults at nursery school or primary school.
    If you suggest the golden shower, it is already happening, let your children stand under it for 1 minute. Place your child in a circle and fill the circle with love and light. To keep them grounded, imagine that your child's roots (under their feet) are as deep as possible in the earth and when the roots are firmly anchored, your child should breathe deeply until the earth's energy is in their aura. You do the grounding for your child, since the child is still too young.
  • If your child is out of balance and unable to sleep at night, place your child in the circle half an hour before he goes to bed. Fill the circle with love. Then say:
    Dear (child's name), I am sending the colour lilac to your whole aura (repeat 12 times).
    Note: only use the colour lilac at home because it will make your child sleepy.
  • If you, as a parent, cannot sleep well, send the colour lilac to your whole aura.
    Dear (your own name), I am sending your whole aura the colour lilac (repeat 12 times).

If, after applying these tips and after your coaching session, you need an after care visualisation, then I have the Empower Yourself visualisation especially for you.

Empower Yourself after care visualisation

How this after care visualisation works is unique. The working of the visualisation is as follows:

  • It has a healing effect.
  • It has a relaxing effect.
  • It gives you energy.
  • It has an effect on your healthy because it increases the healing power of your body.
  • It has a positive effect on your condition.
  • It has a positive effect on those around you because you radiate more calm.

You can apply this Empower Yourself after care visualisation every day, so you can relax more every day. It is important to consult your GP if you have a health issue. This Empower Yourself is supportive and helps you to decompress.

If you are interested in the Empower Yourself one colour visualisation, you can order the after care visualisation here. You can use this Empower Yourself visualisation as often as you need to.

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