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Every human being has the desire is to be healthy and happy. Many people are searching for this and yet continue to run around in circles. As a result, people keep having the same emotions and traumas on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Through my gift I discovered how you can create your Healthy & Wealthy with six building blocks.

The most important step is to start with your becoming aware of how you deal with your emotions and the themes that come your way in daily life.

Where emotions come from

A baby is already able to feel in the womb. This has an important function, as it triggers the reflexes necessary for survival. After birth, other senses develop. This means that on an unconscious level a baby absorbs the emotions of the parents.

From your birth until you are in your 7th year, how your parents raise you determines where you stand in life when it comes to your emotions, your beliefs, your attitude & your behaviour.

At primary school you don't learn much about dealing with your emotions, while this is the core of what people experience on a daily basis. It is important to learn or rediscover how you deal with your emotions in daily life.

Supressing emotions

When you suppress your emotions or you continue to hold them out of habit, blockages occur in your body. These emotional blockages lead to issues that you are not aware of.

Resolving (emotional) blocks

By solving my own personal blockages and my years of coaching others, I developed the 5 step method. With the help of the 5 step method you break through triggers, blocks, emotions and beliefs. We will work together with this unique method that has been specially developed by Empower Yourself. Only when you are free of blocks will it be possible to learn new behaviour that you can immediately apply in your daily life. The 5 step method looks like this:

  1. Start resolving your core problems and blocks.
  2. Dealing with emotions and letting them go.
  3. Work on your beliefs and analyse them.
  4. Choose new beliefs.
  5. Evaluate on a weekly basis and adapt if necessary!

The 6 building blocks for a Healthy & Wealthy life

Because I had a challenging life, for years I was searching for how to create my best life.

Through personal experience and those of clients, I discovered the 6 building blocks necessary for the creation of a happy life. These are the building blocks:

  1. Emotion management.
  2. Be the leader of your own life.
  3. Do what really makes you happy.
  4. Choose a positive mindset.
  5. Take care of your physical body & have a balanced diet.
  6. Relax & enjoy!

Stages for a Healthy & Wealthy life

Once your intentions, thoughts and emotions are in alignment, you can create whatever you want. In the process of creating a Healthy en Wealthy life there are 3 stages:

  • You identify your blocks and the themes that crop up in your daily life.
  • Your transformation process starts when you tackle your core problem.
  • You set out your dream goals and your life mission and create your best life!

 How long each stage takes differs per person, because this depends on your life mission and your personal development. As a person, you are never finished learning. When you reach stage 3, you can continue to grow indefinitely.

De tijdsduur per fase verschilt per persoon, omdat dit afhankelijk is van je levensmissie en je persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Als mens ben je namelijk nooit uitgeleerd. Als je bij fase 3 bent aangekomen, kan je ongelimiteerd blijven doorgroeien.

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Healthy & Wealthy life kan creëren?

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The truth about a Healthy  & Wealthy life

To have a happy and healthy life, it is important to first address your physical, emotional and mental life. Patterns have arisen through habits that you have inherited from birth. Emotional blocks have arisen through suppressing and not expressing your emotions. 


Everything is energy and blockages are stored in your body. When you are faced with a theme that hits a trigger, it triggers the block. This can cause you to experience an intense feeling of restlessness. In some situations, your body may block because you're experiencing a panic attack or something else at the time. By removing the block, the feeling of restlessness is immediately removed from your body and you experience inner peace or a feeling of inner calmness; you remain empowered in every situation and can progress to a higher level.


Many people suppress emotions, leading to emotional blocks. These blocks are also called core problems because they are a theme for your personal development in your life.

Because you may have been carrying these emotions around for years, they can become worse. Then you start searching for ways to get your life back in balance. Through my gift and my life experiences, I have discovered that, when we work together, I can remove the core problem and the blocks. 

Together we home in on a deeper level in your subconscious, which means every theme is covered. When you examine themes and tackle the core problem, you discover the true journey to your deeper self. By embarking on this journey, you understand why situations have come your way and you can decide to do things differently, better even.

As you gain focus through tackling your core problem, you're already busy creating your more positive future today. You may have been working on your core problem, so that you remain empowered in every situation.

The combination of tackling your core problem and applying the 6 building blocks for a Healthy & Wealthy life on a daily basis, gives you a power boost on a physical, mental and emotional level. Once you've addressed the core issues, you'll start working on looking after your body on a physical, emotional, and mental level every day.

Who am I?

My name is Chantal and as a child I was always aware that I was different. I was extremely sensitive and knew immediately whether the truth was being told or not. When, after 15 years, I reached rock bottom with my personal themes, and wanted to get out of that, I discovered my gift as a transformation and life coach.

Through my personal struggles in life, I discovered tools that I can use to resolve traumas, old pains, grief and wounds. This allows me to help people and teams transform in just a short time into what they are really meant to do. I see the core problem and can resolve it together with you, so you transform into the better version of yourself. This allows you to actually do what you are supposed to do in this life.

It had been 6 years since I really started tackling my core problems at the source. The reason I did so was that I had been experiencing pain in my shoulder for years and wanted to deal with it once and for all. This led to the creation of the 5-step method. Then I started working with emotions, beliefs to establish my values and norms.

I went through the 3 stages myself, and notices that, using my gift, I could help people transform in just one session. This helped people rediscover their essence, so their talents and gifts become visible. By examining the themes in your life and by identifying your emotions, the pains in your body often disappear. By tackling your core problems, you create the foundation for a balance in your physical, emotional and mental state. Once you are in balance, it is important to start working on your mindset. 

I help people discover their life's mission. I concentrate on helping you let go of blocks, beliefs and emotions, so nothing gets in the way of you achieving your dream goal(s). 

This means you can focus on what you really want to do from the heart. You can stop your search for the right coach, which saves you time, money and frustration.

Special offer for you

Since I know, better than anyone, what it is to struggle with your health and to get stuck in blocks, emotions and beliefs, I have a special offer for you. 

In a 30-minute session, you can gain insight into which stage you are at and the best way to break out of this vicious circle.

You get concrete tips, so you can take the first steps towards a Healthy & Wealthy life.

Discover for yourself how you have a solid emotional and mental foundation. This immediately has a positive impact on your physical body. I give you the tips and tools so you can achieve this.

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Discover for yourself how you have a solid emotional
and mental foundation

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