10 steps to happiness at work

Amazing happiness at work. How does that sound to you, and what does it look like? You create your own happiness at work but you do need to know what steps you should take. To help you, I developed a step-by-step plan: '10 Steps to Amazing Happiness at Work'. The steps are described in detail in my book. As a coach and mediator, I empower people and teams through my company, Empower Yourself. I guide and coach on the basis of personal themes that play out at work and at home. Now I home in on happiness at work.

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Happiness at work starts with you

How can I be happy at work? A question I have heard numerous times in my practice. I offer support with 10 steps that lead to amazing happiness at work. Steps that make sure you stand strong in the face of change. You have your goals clearly marked out and make all your decisions from your authentic self. Take control of your leadership. Let me take you briefly through the 10 steps, so you can also experience happiness at work.

Happiness at work is achievable

So you're discontented with how things are going at work. You are not standing strong and don't have control of your leadership. That's when situations can come about or people can cross your path, which reinforce this feeling. If you stay too long in an unpleasant situation, you may feel stressed and even burn out. Start on the 10 steps on your path to happiness at work. I am there for you and have developed tools to help you grow.

EMPOWER model and 5-step method

The first two steps help you become aware of your own behaviour and what you want to achieve. This is the foundation for the EMPOWER model: steps 3 through 9. After completing those steps, you start working on the implementation plan in step 10, which includes the 5-step method for building happiness at work. This, like the EMPOWER model is a method I developed myself. The difference between the two tools is the perspective. The 5-step method is about you and taking charge of your life. The EMPOWER model is about what you stir up in the other person and should be used as reference. Back to the 10 steps that bring you amazing happiness at work.

Step 1: Where are you now?

What does happiness at work mean to you? If you know where you are now, deciding which the direction you want to take for your work happiness becomes easier. To help you gain insight into where you are now, I have clearly defined the success factors for personal development. Take action!

Step 2: Analyse your patterns, attitude and behaviour

When taking charge of your own happiness at work, it is important you know who you are first. Why? Because you must stand strong in the face of change and deal with issues authentically regardless of the situation in which you find yourself. Analyse your patterns, attitude and behaviour and discover your story.

Step 3: Me first

Before introducing the implementation plan for happiness at work, I will explain the EMPOWER model. I will also take you through the five stages of organisational change. It is important that you put yourself first. Relaxation is the key.

Step 4: Adopt a positive Mindset

Your thoughts create your reality. Everything you think, either positive or negative, comes back to you like a boomerang. It's always better to choose positive thoughts. Stay in charge by taking control of what you think about your happiness at work and start training yourself to have a positive mindset.

Step 5: Be Proactive

It is important to be proactive in every situation involving happiness at work. This means, taking steps to increase your circle of influence. That's how you achieve what you set out to do at work every day.

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Step 6: Overcome your limiting beliefs

Your beliefs may limit your amazing happiness at work. The first step is to become aware of them. Then choose new beliefs that align with your core beliefs and notice how it liberates you and bring happiness at work.

Step 7: Work on your inner resistance

Dealing with your emotions and homing in on triggers at work will stir up your resistance, also when faced with change at work. If you examine what this resistance means, you can turn it into positive behaviour.

Step 8: Keep your Emotions in balance

You have to deal with emotions on the work floor. You work with colleagues every day, who have both good and challenging moments. It is important you keep your emotions under control. When you are in control of your emotions and also your thoughts, you can see the big picture and maintain focus.

Step 9: Celebrate Results every day

The last step of the EMPOWER model is about how you communicate your amazing happiness at work. When you are in control of your emotions during conversations, you stay in charge and maintain focus. Ask questions if you feel frustrated and keep communicating. Celebrate results every day.

Step 10: Start working on your happiness at work

You can only truly take charge of your leadership if you have an implementation plan. Use the 5-step method and maintain control of your own life. Take the first step today and write your plan.

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