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News Updates Februari 2024

Hi and welcome!

Read more about the news updates here! Discover which Masterclass is being offered this month and gain insights into transformation journeys that are life-changing. This enables you to focus on creating the most successful life in the realms of personal, business, and health. Understanding why certain themes and situations have come your way, once the lessons are learned, will guide everything with ease and joy. Below, find details about the events and the transformation programs starting in February 2024.

If you're stuck in a vicious circle

The winter period is a fantastic time, but sometimes you may find yourself out of balance, both personally, professionally, and health-wise. If you're experiencing this, I invite you to schedule a 30-minute session with me. During this session, we will zoom in on the core of the problem, address it, and provide insights into why this situation has arisen in your life. Afterward, you'll feel a sense of relief and renewal. I'm here to help you break free from this vicious circle. Send an email to: info@empoweryourselfcoach.com

Work with me as a transformation coach and take the 1st step!

For every person, it's essential to be emotionally, physically, and mentally balanced. Your quality of life improves when you are in balance. But how do you break free from a vicious circle that hinders you? There are various reasons why you can work with me as a transformation coach. Get in touch!

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Expressing my dreams and desires has always been done in my own way. Following your own nature is much more effective, and it brings immense happiness. 

The Struggle

It took some time for me to find my own manual, and until I moved out on my own eight years ago, I constantly struggled with figuring out who I was. However, once I made the decision to take control of my life, I began taking steps forward. Through this process, I discovered my gift of guiding people through transformative journeys in a short span of time. Know that after the struggle, a world of possibilities opens up to you. To inspire you with the belief that anything is possible, I want to share the personal and beautiful story of Nienke.

Nienke's Story

Nienke faced severe energy depletion and debilitating physical ailments. She didn't know the root cause and tried her best to function in everyday life, merely surviving rather than truly living. For twenty years, she attempted various methods to alleviate her pain and fatigue, but nothing helped. The situation worsened, and she felt worthless and deeply unhappy.

The Turning Point

Nienke came across one of my blogs, and the words deeply resonated with her. She instinctively knew that I could help her. She scheduled an intake appointment, and soon Nienke identified the deep-rooted causes of her issues and began addressing them at the source. Gradually, the fog in Nienke's mind dissipated, replaced by greater clarity. Furthermore, she received answers to questions like: Who am I? What can I do? This enabled her to reconnect with her internal life compass, make positive changes, and truly start living again. Nienke began truly living!

Nienke's Insights

Nienke would like to share her insights with you:

  • The importance of acknowledging the impact of past lives, traumas, stress, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and the (collective) unconscious in your healing journey.
  • The significance of expressing emotions, as suppressed emotions become trapped in the body, blocking the natural energy flow and leading to fatigue, illnesses, and physical ailments.
  • The value of self-connection, knowing who you are, embracing your talents, and being authentically yourself.
  • The profound shift in perspective that life can bring. Nienke now lives from her heart, embraces her self-worth, and is liberated from the burdens of the past.

What Nienke Can Do, You Can Too!

Nienke successfully transformed her life within four months of coaching. She is proud of her ability to turn a challenging life into a happy, loving, and meaningful existence. Nienke realizes that all the lessons and experiences were necessary to bring her to where she stands now. She lives from her heart, and she is happy because she can truly be herself.

The time has come to step into your POWER

This is the result after four months of coaching. Nienke is in the process of turning her unique talents into a fantastic venture that provides her with independence and allows her to fulfill her true purpose in life. I have no idea where you currently stand in your journey, but I do know that it's time for anyone who feels this calling to rise up and make their dreams a reality. It is all possible when you address your core issues. Nienke's story continues, and when she reaches her next milestone, I will let you know how she's doing.

Do you want to stand in your POWER like Nienke?

Are you ready for the next step in your life, just like Nienke? Where I can help you rediscover your true self in a short period and guide you in leveraging your talents to create your own venture? If you feel this resonance, send an email to: info@empoweryourselfcoach.com, and we will schedule a call to discuss your unique situation and determine how I can best assist you. 

Yes, embrace my inner POWER and schedule a call

Develop intuitive leadership for more (work) happiness

Taking daily aligned actions from intuition is where you make a difference in your life. It is a journey of ups and downs, learning to tune in to your intuition. Unconsciously, the ego can create obstacles, such as drama, old habits, the wounded inner child, or the saboteur. At times, you may lack the creative power to do this on your own. In that case, we offer the opportunity to tune in to your intuition, creativity, and life purpose with us in the morning and evening. This has an impact on personal, professional, and health aspects.

Years ago, I found myself at a point where I asked the same questions daily and used the same affirmations. I felt stuck in a vicious cycle and believed it could be more purposeful. Last summer, I delved deeper to better tune in to my intuition. I tried almost all methods for myself, and we want to share the ones that work with you in the 30-day Creation Alignment Sessions to develop your intuitive leadership for more (work) happiness.

What can you expect in developing your intuitive leadership?

  • Daily, you will receive a visualization to gain insights.
  • You will receive a alignment script and deepening questions to work on after the visualization.
  • In the evening, you will receive a visualization to end your day and evaluate it.
  • Your investment is half an hour per day for more (work) happiness.
  • You get 1 year access to the program, allowing you to integrate the visualizations and see the changes in your life, regardless of where you are in your intuitive leadership process.

We start on Friday, March 1st, until March 30th, and on Sunday, March 31st, 2024, at 1:00 PM, we conclude with a live Power Intuition Session. With daily focus, you achieve your goals and desires in no time and with ease on a personal, professional, and health level.

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Transformers program

The Transformers program starts from March 6th to September 6th, 2024. This is a journey for individuals who feel that they have something to contribute to the world. People who forge their own path and follow their hearts. Individuals who understand that they are meant to learn from their life lessons and experiences and pass them on to others. Those who connect with others and see what is truly happening. People who lead with gentleness and guide others in this. You may have had this feeling for a while.

Step into your true potential today Today is the opportunity to step into your true potential because standing up for what you truly need to do is an act of complete purpose. If you feel the sparkle of joy, then you have the passion within you. Know that all the wisdom is already within you, and by delving into your inner layers, you can quickly navigate this path and find yourself in no time.

How amazing would it be if you create a life of fulfillment from Ease, Joy, and Fun? And that you wholeheartedly embrace your unique talents. Because everything you have experienced can be turned into a positive force by helping others as an expert through your experiences. You can do this by being completely your authentic self. If you make the choice today to discover your unique talents and learn to use them practically every day, everything will change.

Schedule your free call here for more information about the Transformers program and to see if it aligns with you. It changes your life!

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Emotion management:
The highest solution for your most successful life 

Empower Yourself transformation programs

Transformatie traject persoonlijk, gezondheid en zakelijk vlak

In 3, 6 of 12 maanden werk je aan je hulpvraag en transformeer je in korte tijd zowel persoonlijk als zakelijk en op gezondheidsvlak. Je levensmissie/doel of de manifestatie techniek wordt hierin meegenomen als dit gewenst is.

Maak het onmogelijke mogelijk, wordt de persoon waar jij van droomt. 

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Groeps transformatie sessies persoonlijk en gezondheid

In deze life transformatie groep gaan we 2 keer per maand 60-minuten aan de slag met jouw hulpvraag voor jouw balans en groei op persoonlijk en gezondheidsvlak.

Door de kracht van de groep transformeer jij nog sneller naar de persoon die jij wilt zijn en zoals jij je wilt voelen. 

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1 op 1 transformatie coaching persoonlijk, gezondheid en zakelijk

Tijdens deze 30-minuten durende sessie krijg je persoonlijke begeleiding, waarbij jouw specifieke behoeften centraal staan. Het doel is om balans te vinden en groei te realiseren op persoonlijk, zakelijk en gezondheidsvlak. 

Transformeer in no-time.


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