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Empower Yourself News: July 2023

Hi and welcome to the monthly Empower Yourself newsletter! Here you will read more about customer success stories, the monthly offer, inspirational quotes, and gain insights into Empower Yourself transformation journeys. So that you can focus on creating your most successful life in terms of health, business, and personal life. If you'd like to share your success story, let me know, and who knows, you might read your power story in the next newsletter. Send an email to: info@empoweryourselfcoach.com.

Because you'll understand afterward why themes and situations have come your way, once the lessons have been learned.

New: Read here the success story and transformation of Nienke

Expressing my dreams and desires has always been done in my own way. Following your own nature is much more effective, and it brings immense happiness. 

The Struggle

It took some time for me to find my own manual, and until I moved out on my own eight years ago, I constantly struggled with figuring out who I was. However, once I made the decision to take control of my life, I began taking steps forward. Through this process, I discovered my gift of guiding people through transformative journeys in a short span of time. Know that after the struggle, a world of possibilities opens up to you. To inspire you with the belief that anything is possible, I want to share the personal and beautiful story of Nienke.

Nienke's Story

Nienke faced severe energy depletion and debilitating physical ailments. She didn't know the root cause and tried her best to function in everyday life, merely surviving rather than truly living. For twenty years, she attempted various methods to alleviate her pain and fatigue, but nothing helped. The situation worsened, and she felt worthless and deeply unhappy.

The Turning Point

Nienke came across one of my blogs, and the words deeply resonated with her. She instinctively knew that I could help her. She scheduled an intake appointment, and soon Nienke identified the deep-rooted causes of her issues and began addressing them at the source. Gradually, the fog in Nienke's mind dissipated, replaced by greater clarity. Furthermore, she received answers to questions like: Who am I? What can I do? This enabled her to reconnect with her internal life compass, make positive changes, and truly start living again. Nienke began truly living!

Nienke's Insights

Nienke would like to share her insights with you:

  • The importance of acknowledging the impact of past lives, traumas, stress, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and the (collective) unconscious in your healing journey.
  • The significance of expressing emotions, as suppressed emotions become trapped in the body, blocking the natural energy flow and leading to fatigue, illnesses, and physical ailments.
  • The value of self-connection, knowing who you are, embracing your talents, and being authentically yourself.
  • The profound shift in perspective that life can bring. Nienke now lives from her heart, embraces her self-worth, and is liberated from the burdens of the past.

What Nienke Can Do, You Can Too!

Nienke successfully transformed her life within four months of coaching. She is proud of her ability to turn a challenging life into a happy, loving, and meaningful existence. Nienke realizes that all the lessons and experiences were necessary to bring her to where she stands now. She lives from her heart, and she is happy because she can truly be herself.

The time has come to step into your POWER

This is the result after four months of coaching. Nienke is in the process of turning her unique talents into a fantastic venture that provides her with independence and allows her to fulfill her true purpose in life. I have no idea where you currently stand in your journey, but I do know that it's time for anyone who feels this calling to rise up and make their dreams a reality. It is all possible when you address your core issues. Nienke's story continues, and when she reaches her next milestone, I will let you know how she's doing.

Do you want to stand in your POWER like Nienke?

Are you ready for the next step in your life, just like Nienke? Where I can help you rediscover your true self in a short period and guide you in leveraging your talents to create your own venture? If you feel this resonance, send an email to: info@empoweryourselfcoach.com, and we will schedule a call to discuss your unique situation and determine how I can best assist you. 

Yes, embrace my inner POWER and schedule a call

Monthly offer

Why do some people radiate success while others lag behind? Did you know that you consciously perform only 5% of your daily actions? And that 95% of what you do is unconscious, driven by your subconscious mind, of which you have no idea what's going on there? Your subconscious mind determines how you think, feel, behave, and act. It also determines why something succeeds or fails.

That's also the reason why abundance may not be present in your life yet. Or perhaps you want to manifest even more of it, and you've tried various methods, but it just doesn't seem to come, leading you to unconsciously fall back into your old patterns. Your subconscious mind holds your shadow aspects, core blockages, emotional triggers, ingrained limiting beliefs, and drama queen or king emotions.

Over the past 3 years, I've embarked on a beautiful journey and have curated the best visualizations as a result. You can use these visualizations whenever you need them. By doing so, you become a magnet for your Wealthy Life.

Wealthy Life Bundle

Because it is your birthright to create abundance in every aspect of your life, I have a special offer for you this month of July 2023. Afterward, the price will increase. The reason is simple: I want you to have your Wealthy Life!

With unlimited access, you can use the Wealthy Life visualizations daily. These are the visualizations that have brought me great success. If you desire the same, order your Wealthy Life bundle now.

I am personally super excited about this Wealthy Life bundle. Just focus on these visualizations, and the rest will naturally follow. Shine like a diamond.

Yes, I would love to receive this Wealthy Life Bundle.
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Sometimes what you ‘re looking for, 
comes when you ‘re not looking at all.

Empower Yourself transformation coaching programs

High end ticket

Het transformatie traject is maatwerk en heeft als focus om jouw meest succesvolste leven te creëren. Alles is afgestemd op jou en gericht op zowel persoonlijk als zakelijk en gezondheidsvlak. De golden tickets zijn er voor 3 maanden, 6 maanden of 1 jaar. Wil jij voor eens en altijd een happy life? Ik versnel en transformeer jou naar deze nieuwe lifestyle. Gun jij jezelf dit?  

Ontdek jouw levensmissie, Healthy & Wealthy life en Overvloed geldt ook voor jou!

In de community naar keuze krijg je:

  • 1e van de maand Empower Yourself meditatie.
  • 15e van de maand een inspiratie video die je praktisch kunt integreren in je leven.
  • 30e van de maand een live vraag en antwoord inclusief visualisatie.

Personal & business reading

Naast het ontvangen van de Reading, krijg je ook toegang tot het online programma, waardoor je de mogelijkheid hebt om de handelingen in je leven te integreren. Creativiteit, zelfverbinding en krachtige visualisaties zullen je ondersteunen bij het ontdekken en ontwikkelen van deze talenten. Dit zal je direct tijdwinst, overzicht en focus opleveren.

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