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Energymanagement for HSP

As a lightworker, New Age child, or highly sensitive person, you have to deal with other people's energy. To stay true to yourself in every situation, it is important to keep your energy management well-balanced. By staying true to yourself, and therefore staying in your own, pure energy, you are better equipped to help others. The first step starts with yourself. The tools that are important every day are set out for you below.

The first step starts with yourself.

1. Start the day by protecting your aura

To ensure that you stay in your own, pure energy, it is important to do the aura protection every day. Follow the 6 steps based on the photos.

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Stap 1

Step 1

Put your right hand in front of your left hand and hold your hands to your throat for 3 seconds. Proceed to step 2 in a flowing movement.

Stap 2

Step 2

Then put your hands behind your neck. Keep your right hand in front of your left. Hold your hands on your neck for 3 seconds. Proceed to step 3 in a flowing movement.

Stap 3

Step 3

Then move your hands to your ears and hold them in front of your ears for 3 seconds. Proceed in a flowing movement to step 4.

Stap 4

Step 4

Hold your hands in front of your throat for 3 seconds again. First your left hand, then put your right hand over it. Proceed in a flowing movement to step 5.

Stap 5

Step 5

Hold your hands in front of your navel for 3 seconds and make a circle in a clockwise direction with your right hand. Make 3 or 4 full circles. This narrows your solar plexus, to keep other people's emotions outside of you.

Stap 6

Step 6

Then continue to ground yourself. Sit with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. Imagine there are 2 roots under your feet that are burrowing into the earth.

There is a rock crystal at the centre of the earth and you wrap the roots around it. When the roots are firmly attached, take 3 deep breaths in and out.

When you are ready, open your eyes: you are protected and grounded for the rest of day.

2. End the day with the evening visualisation

To end your day, do an evening visualisation. This ensures that you release the energy of the day and go into the night relaxed.


3. What if you have soaked up the other person's energy?

If you notice you have soaked up or taken on the other person's emotion, make sure you apply the visualisation below right away. This will restore your balance.

4. How do you avoid soaking up the other person's energy?

Because of situations you have experienced, your brain labels a thought and automatically stores it. As soon as a situation arises, the automatically stored thought may come to the surface. So something happens, your brain recalls this thought, and you link the emotion to your personal situation. It affects you emotionally. Because of the emotion you unconsciously soak up the other person's energy in 1 or 2 seconds. Follow the steps below to become aware of your behaviour:

  1. Make sure to protect your aura every day.
  2. If you notice your emotions suddenly changing for no reason, think back on who you have spoken with.
  3. You become aware of the other person's behaviour and that you have soaked up that energy.
  4. Check what situations you have experienced and whether you have linked the other person's emotions to your personal situation.
  5. Start the visualisation in step 3 (if you have soaked up someone else's energy).
  6. Make sure to evaluate step 4, so you know what patterns you have unconsciously fixed.
  7. Once you know what patterns and beliefs these are, start the visualisation and lift the veil of illusion. This is how you let go of automatically labelled thoughts.

Do you want to record your personal visualisation?

Your tailormade personal visualisation.

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