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As a child I was aware early on that I had a special gift that I could not place at the time. I started my career as a consultant at several large companies and quickly realized that I can easily take people with me in major transformations and with many successes. I learned that personal and business development belong together and this is how my company Empower Yourself was born. By tackling the actual core problem, you are empowered as a person in every situation, with the result that companies achieve very positive business results and that people experience happiness and abundance on a daily basis.

At the end of December in 2021 I got the strong feeling that I can bring the theme of health into the world. By listening to my intuition, the Healthy & Wealthy life experience online program was created. Everyone wants to be happy under whatever circumstances and whatever challenges you face. I help people in every phase of their lives and take them with me in their accelerated transformation on every theme of their life.

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