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What does transformation coaching mean?

Do you want to grow on all levels, regardless of what you experience in life or the difficulties you encounter? Transformation coaching not only helps you get rid of negative feelings, thoughts, and physical or psychological complaints, but also helps you grow in your career or business. Whether you're stuck in your business activities or personal development, through our unique concept and talent, you will transform in no time, and everything will become clear to you through our clear explanations.

Read more below about the three coaching variants, because everything is connected. Are you ready for this challenge? Start manifesting your best life today.

1. Personal transformation coaching

Are you personally facing life events? These events, ranging from traumas to everyday challenges, can cover a variety of topics. Every person is unique and experiences life in their own way. Whatever you are going through, we always have an answer or solution that fits you. In addition to addressing these events, we can also excellently support you in your personal development, life goals, and other questions you may be struggling with.

Through the transformation phases, we help you regain balance and create the life destined for you. No transformation process is too complex or impossible for us, even if societal views or science suggest otherwise. We believe in achieving the impossible and realizing the successes meant for you. Do you dare to undertake this transformation?

Are you curious about what we can do for you?

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How did the tranformation phases arise?

 Through our own personal transformation we have developed the five stages of transformation. After years of successful transformations for many people, we have created a lifestyle that gives you daily control over your emotion management and what you want to achieve. 
By controlling your emotions in combination with our expertise, you will create your most successful life, both personally, professionally and health-wise.

With the five transformation phases you gain insight into where you stand and transform step by step to your true self. By integrating this new lifestyle into your life, you will create success in every area, allowing you to experience happiness and satisfaction on a daily basis. It is not a question of whether your dreams will become reality, but it is a question of when your dreams will become reality. Make the impossible possible in our unique transformation program.

Empower Yourself helps with issues such as:

  • Whatever your request for help, whether it concerns your health, personal or business life, you will transform in no time to balance, your authentic self and more.
  • Dealing with situations from strength.
  • Walk your own path.
  • Use your unique talents.
  • Create your most successful life.
  • A life full of abundance, fun and happiness.
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Using the methods I developed, I get people to take action and provide them with the tools for achieving their goals, a step at a time.

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2. Health tranformation coaching

Scientific research has shown that the psyche and emotions are crucial in both the development and cure of diseases. Daily control over your emotions is essential. By restoring your balance, you achieve optimal health. Our expertise lies in helping you achieve your goals in an effective way, perhaps in a new way for you. Another reason to work with us is to work preventively on your health, to prevent imbalances in your body. Do you want to know how you can achieve this? In a personal conversation we discuss what you need to achieve and maintain balance, and you can participate in a group with like-minded people. Would you like to know what we can help you with?

If you have any questions, send an email

3. Business transformation coaching

Do you dream of your own business, where you experience freedom and can do everything your way? Everyone has unique talents that you can use every day to achieve business success or to apply these talents in your current career. Develop your intuitive leadership and start your own business, or grow further in your current career. Do you already have a business that just doesn't get off the ground or are you struggling with your career? With our expertise you transform to business success and satisfaction. Would you like to know what we can help you with?

How does our transformation coaching work?

What happens during a transformation coaching session on a personal, health and business level? We will take you through the 3 steps:

Step 1. Intake interview of personal, health and business matters

During our intake interview we will delve deeper into your request for help, and I will give you a preview of what you can expect from the transformation coaching sessions. After we have explored the core of your question, I will inform you about the number of sessions needed for your transformation. The focus is usually on one specific form of coaching. These sessions impact personal, health and business areas as everything is connected. With the help of the five transformation phases, you will receive an explanation of which phase you are in, so that you gain insight into your transformation process.

Step 2. Transformation coaching session In this step we start your transformation

 This is a valuable process in which we come together during a session to address the core of your issue and I explain to you why this has come your way. This understanding allows you to move on to the next step. During the sessions we discuss different themes, so that you can step out of the vicious circle. After each session your awareness is increased and you are emotionally and mentally balanced. Your body needs a few days to become balanced because emotions have been released.

Step 3. Aftercare and follow-up

After your transformation journey, you will work to get a grip on your emotions and your energy management, so that you can fully integrate this lifestyle into your daily life. If you then want to continue with your transformation process, that is possible. You always continue to grow as a person, and then we start working on the next step of the five transformation phases. Our sessions are tailor-made, so the transformation steps are adapted to your life goals. In a personal conversation you will receive advice on what you need for a successful transformation on a personal, business and health level. Get started today and make the impossible, possible!

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