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5-step method for business coaching

Organisational changes are implemented at executive level and change teams at various levels. It is often the case that the change is not fully implemented afterwards by the team members themselves. If different methods are used simultaneously, a change will not be successful. I get companies, teams and people moving again, by providing structure on the one hand and tailormade solutions on the other. In this way, organisational change can be implemented in a short period and the agreed goals achieved.

Intake session

In a free intake session we home in on your organisation. From there, we look at what is needed to deal with your request for help about the team, yourself and/or the organisation, focused on the goals of the organisation.

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Stap 1 business coaching

Step 1

Start with the core of the problem statement
We start with the core of the problem statement of the team, you and/or the organisation. I have the gift of being able to gain insight into the core problem right away. With over 12 years' experience of consultancy in large companies, I can immediately translate that into practice to reach a suitable solution. Therefore the organisation avoids going around in circles.

Stap 2 business coaching

Step 2

Start working on an action plan
After it has become clear where the core problem originated, and you, as organisation, understands why certain situations occur, we start working on the action plan. In business coaching I work from the outside in, so the company culture is transformed.

Stap 3 business coaching

Step 3

Include the stakeholders in the change
After the action plan has been established, we focus on the stakeholders. We want to include them in the objectives. The insights are included in the individual coaching approach, based on a tailormade solution, which is in line with the organisation.

Stap 4 business coaching

Step 4

Implementation & communication for the change
After fine-tuning the action plan, implementing the request for help takes place. Communicating with and including the teams and the organisation are key in this step. With these actions, you move towards a successful and sustainable implementation.

Stap 5 business coaching

Step 5

Evaluation and securing of the organisational change
The final evaluation takes place after the implementation. The actions resulting from this are allocated to the team and the organisation. This allows you to maintain control of the team, yourself and the organisation, and work effectively.

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Using the methods I developed, I get people to take action and provide them with the tools for achieving their goals, a step at a time.

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