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About Marcel Steenbruggen

Let's go back in time. As a child I knew I was different and was already curious and enterprising even at a young age. Being empathic, I attracted people who were extremely fearful, and to compensate, I developed a defence mechanism.

In hindsight, these were often domineering people, who displayed jealous behaviour. In response, I unconsciously developed patterns, including people pleasing and challenges in the area of domination and narcissistic behaviour.

4 years ago, I made a new start, and after 2 years of searching Chantal came my way. Through an intensive coaching process with Chantal, I gained insight into why domineering people crossed my path. Why I was constantly confronted with domination at work, was something I couldn't place at the time. However, I knew that I had to choose for myself, so I left my former company.

This insight was the first step in becoming aware. I use my experiences in my business coaching.

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Awareness in others

Through my experiences an entrepreneur and on a personal level, I can immediately see what a company needs to flourish. I get to the core fast, so you immediately work on the right things. I have experience in collaborating at all levels and I understand the diversity of issues that play out in companies. Communication is key when it comes to implementing changes in companies. Many find me interesting because I am quirky and listen to my heart and work with a focus for the client. I don't care what kind of company it is; the human aspect is always key. I am happy to help and guide you towards using the right actions that lead to a successful and flourishing company.

Mission & vision Empower Yourself

After a process of inner awareness, my mission is to use my knowledge and life experience across the board. As a result, I am able to offer support to other people with my holistic approach. I help them in their own process of awareness and provide them with practical tools to achieve results with their goals.

By tackling the actual core problem, the transformation process is set in motion for people and organisations. This is a good illustration of my vision, because it resolves emotions, triggers, blockages, traumas and limiting beliefs. As a result, any goal can be achieved.

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Coach Marcel
Transformation coaching

With my own developed method, I set your company in motion and give you tools to achieve your goals step-by-step.

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