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Marcel Steenbruggen Success Story

After making a new start 4 years ago, Chantal, owner of Empower Yourself, came my way after 2 years of searching. Whatever your issue, Chantal can help you. After an intense process with Empower yourself coaching I found all the answers to my turbulent life, which I had said goodbye to four years earlier. Besides valuable answers, my life mission also came to light. So, I discovered my hidden talents and my special gift, in the area of entrepreneurship.

We have bundled my entrepreneurial talents and Chantal's gift together into a fantastic and above all working concept. This is how the Empower Yourself Program was created. Through our innovative capabilities and our daily rapid development, alignment and experience, we now successfully help entrepreneurs.

By tailoring our gifts to the customer, the 3-step method for creating abundance in your (start-up) company was created. Chantal's gift allows you to achieve your desired successes in just a short time. Chantal is the very best intuitive life coach for this.

Marcel empower yourself

Method Marcel

There are 3 stages to let your enterprise thrive. These are:

1. The analysis stage, where we further map out your business.
2. Implementation of the action plan.
3. Evaluation and adjustment of the implementation plan.

Why this 3 step method?

The strength of a successful company is about finely tuned people,  business and marketing models that are fully focused on the needs of your customers. The 3-step method gives you a handle to let your business thrive and to be able to make adjustments based on the statistics. By establishing business and marketing concepts, the companies are flowing In collaboration with Chantal, who can tackle your blocks directly at the core through her special gift, your company can achieve the desired results in a short time through this unique collaboration.

Method Chantal

There are three stages in the process of creating abundance in your business. These are:

  1. Discovering your blocks and themes in your life that you come across every day.
  2. Starting the transformation process in which you tackle your core problem.
  3. Establishing your organisational goals and results.

Why should you choose the Empower Yourself method?

Because of my unique special gift I get straight to the core of your problem. Where other coaches have to look for the right method, I know within minutes exactly what you need and in how many sessions I can help you. I make sure your remain independent, which saves you a lot of time and money. My special gifts allow me to distinguish myself from the many coaches in this market and you will be amazed by the result.

Who am I?

My name is Marcel. After years of experience as an entrepreneur and creative person with many insights and entrepreneurial skills, I started to focus my creativity on social problems and the environment. All these experiences led me to focus on the development of patents, and I have already been able to put a number of patents, which we are still enthusiastically working on, to my name.

After becoming aware of my special gift, discovered at Empower Yourself, which turned out to be my life mission, I am able to help other entrepreneurs. I help these entrepreneurs under the banner of Empower Yourself in the new Empower Yourself Programme: Abundance (money) is also for you!

In this programme, we bundle Marcel's and Chantal's unique gifts in the 3-step
methods. Together we help (start-up) entrepreneurs with this unique concept to create abundance and let their business thrive.

The method has now been developed to such an extent that other coaches have also been trained in the use of the unique Empower yourself concept. These entrepreneurs work under the banner of Empower Yourself to offer you support in your company. This lightens your load as an entrepreneur, so you can fully focus on what you should really be doing.

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Marcel and Chantal home in on you and your start up or existing company and help create new business and marketing models. By combining and attuning our unique gift to your company, you take the right steps from flow, fun and convenience and prevent yourself from continuing to run in vicious circles. Our gifts allow us to get straight to the core and act efficiently to help your business thrive. This concept saves you years of development time. Do you want to know more? Book the free intake session with Marcel and Chantal.

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Take the steps towards your goal and set up a successful business.

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