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Harness your inner power and our experiences to manifest your most beautiful life

Thanks to the 5 transformative phases, you can create an exceptionally successful business. I support you in transforming all aspects of your life and open the doors to the thriving success of your company. Through personalized coaching sessions, you work with purpose and achieve desired results faster. This saves you at least 10 years of development time and teaches you how to effortlessly attract the right clients.

I apply my experience to guide and restructure organisations so they can flourish.

During our coaching sessions, we directly focus on the essence of your problem. This means that you will receive exactly what you need. We discuss your needs during a non-committal intake conversation, so you will immediately know where you stand and what steps to take. Do you want to undergo your transformation in a purposeful and efficient manner? Inquire about the possibilities and discover how you can obtain your golden ticket to success.

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Change management

As a life and transformation coach, I guide individuals through their transformation process, helping them navigate through emotions, beliefs, resistance, and conflicts that arise. This allows you to fully focus on your business and achieving results.

By going through the 5 transformation phases, you gain insight into what makes you happy and what makes you successful. I have successfully assisted many clients using these 5 phases. The phases are categorized as follows:

  1. Addressing Core Blockages – when you find yourself going in circles or getting stuck in life.
  2. Emotion Management and Trigger Resolution – for mastering your emotions.
  3. Discovering Your Life Mission – every individual has unique talents that only you possess.
  4. Learning Manifestation – for a successful business.
  5. A Personal & Business Concept including a Reading that you focus on in the upcoming quarter: what leads to financial freedom!

Resolving Core Blockages 

By resolving my own personal core blockages and drawing from years of experience as a coach, I have developed the 5-step methodology. I have created this methodology specifically for you, so that you have a guide for what we do together and the steps you can take on a daily basis. For example, strive to have as many positive thoughts as possible.

With the help of the 5-step methodology, you can break through emotions and beliefs on your own. Together, we will work with this unique methodology developed by Empower Yourself. This methodology is applied during personal coaching sessions and is life-changing.

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Using the methods I developed, I get people to take action and provide them with the tools for achieving their goals, a step at a time.

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Team coaching

I take on the role of team coach when communication or collaboration in a team stagnates. There are conflicts and problems that the team is unable to solve without supervision. Sometimes things get so heated that the effectiveness of the team or the health of the team members is affected.

In my role of team coach, I help the team members to enter into dialogue with each other. Through that dialogue I discover patterns and beliefs that do not serve the team and then help to transform them.


Effective leadership is all about knowledge, insight and skills. This allows you to use the skills of others for a common goal. I teach you how to put together a team, how to delegate tasks and how to efficiently manage projects.

In addition, I guide people in their entrepreneurship. You will need practical, effective supervision if you want to set up a business and become your own boss.

That's how you discover where your strength lies, how you set goals and achieve the desired result for the growth of your business.

Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution and mediation are aimed at restoring trust, between manager and employee, or between team members. Mediation can only take place voluntarily and if all parties cooperate.

In my role as mediator I maintain a neutral position and bring everyone's interests together. Everyone has an equal opportunity to speak out. In that way, we can reach the most suitable solution, however challenging the situation may be. And so, the conflict or problem that you have been carrying around for some time, is resolved.

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I can help your company with coaching, workshops, lectures, masterclasses and tailormade training.

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