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Empower Yourself Business Retreat Experience

Do you really want some quality time for yourself? Want to relax, recharge yourself and become the better version of yourself? Enjoy the beautiful surroundings, gain life-time insights and tools for a flourishing business? Then the Empower Yourself Business Retreat Experience is really something for you!

We reconnect you with who you really are and you work on your personal development in a beautiful environment. Where you, your team and your business come and stay in balance. In addition, in addition to the fully catered Business Retreat Experience and personal 1 on 1 coaching with Chantal and Marcel, you will have a successful and flourishing business. Are you ready to go into the depths for 5 days for your most beautiful life? Give your business and your team this valuable and life-changing Business Experience.

How do I get my business flow again or more? We get these questions every day from people around me. The strength of a successful company lies in tuned, people, business and marketing models fully focused on the needs of your customers. Taking the right action at the right time is a must for any business.

The Empower Yourself Business Retreat Experience offers you the opportunity to go in depth for 5 days to face your emotions while receiving personal guidance from me. This also means that in addition to the 5 days Business Retreat Experience, you will receive a 30-day session from Chantal per person for 30 days. Every day you receive the message that belongs to the session. This message increases your awareness and gives you insights into your company. Through the insights and letting go of old patterns and emotions you make the transformation to the better version of yourself in 30 days and you can let your team and company flourish again or more.

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In a fantastic location you experience peace every day. By focusing on doing nothing at all, insights arise and you know what is important to you. The Empower Yourself Retreat Business Experience is a mix of relaxation, seminars and the practical tools that you can use for the rest of your life. This way you get the most out of this Retreat for a successful company.

You start daily with the slow down program to fully charge yourself. In the afternoon a seminar is on the agenda with a theme of one of the building blocks for a thriving company. You get to work with assignments, because the power of change lies in doing.

During lunch or in the evening you have the opportunity for a personal coaching conversation with Chantal and Marcel. During this coaching conversation you go completely in depth and you come completely to yourself. These sessions are life changing, because the core of the problem is tackled. In between you have enough time for yourself to do what you like in a beautiful environment.

Because you are with like-minded people, you are inspired by insights and stories. The ideal place for reflection, empowerment and you will go home with a plan of action and tools to put your actions into practice immediately.

What does the Empower Yourself Business Retreat Experience bring you?

  • You will receive coordinated actions on how to let your company and flourish. 
  • It gives you peace of mind, insight and focus and special tools that can be used forever.
  • You look at your life from a helicopter view.
  • Concrete personal growth transformations will take place through the coaching sessions.
  • The Empower Yourself Retreat is life changing.
  • You feel recharged and you are full of energy again.
  • A concrete plan of action to apply immediately for the rest of your life.

The programs

We believe in focus and that is why we offer 2 programs, so that you can get the most out of your Retreat Experience that matches your personal situation.

Empower Yourself Business Retreat Experience

The Empower Yourself Retreat Experience is aimed at balancing private life and business. Based on your needs, you have a plan of action during your 5 day retreat, with which you can immediately to get your business life flowing again or more. You will receive a personal 1 on 1 tailor-made conversation and personal advice, which has a direct impact on your company Through the coaching sessions with our top coaches you get the most out of your company and you have energy, insights and actions to get started.

Empower Yourself Healthy & Wealthy Retreat Experience

The Empower Yourself Healthy & Wealthy Retreat Experience is aimed at people who wants to find balance emotionally, physically and mentally. Or people who want to learn how to manage their health properly and who want to work preventively. The 6 building blocks are discussed, so that you know how to keep your health in balance. You will receive a personal coaching conversation with Chantal, so that you know where you stand and what you can do to balance emotionally, physically and mentally and how you can continue to apply this yourself after the retreat.

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Let your business flow again & more

The Empower Yourself Business Retreat Experience team

All in one business concept Chantal

Chantal van den Broek

Life & transformatie coach

All in one business concept Marcel

Marcel Steenbruggen

Intuïtief business coach

Special offer for you

We want to share our talents with you in a breathtaking location in a villa. We take the time to zoom in on you and where you are now in personal development and give you what you need. Are you going for the Empower Yourself Business Retreat Experience and do you dare to change your company once and for all?

Have you become enthusiastic just like us and want
to know more?

Do you want to know where you stand and what steps you can take for a successful and flourishing business? In a non-binding conversation we look together with you to see how we can really help you.

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