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Dealing with dominating behaviour is easier said than done. But once you know how to handle domination and narcissism, transformation can begin. That might be in a relationship, or on the work floor. The Empower Yourself business coach helps your organisation, team or you individually, to work on building a successful future.

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Chantal van den Broek is mediator, business coach and guide in dealing with domination. In her book, '10 Steps to Overcome Domination' she teaches you to deal more effectively with dominating behaviour and narcissism. That can be in your personal life or in a work relationship. After reading this book, you stand strong in every situation, experience more freedom at work and can work on building a successful future..

The way to achieve results is through DOING.

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Business coach, Chantal, uses the EMPOWER model in her coaching. You can use this model in any situation involving dominating behaviour. Working with you, she tackles the root of dominating behaviour. Transformation begins and results are booked in a short space of time. Empower Yourself business coach Chantal is specialised in change communication, conflict management, leadership and team coaching.

Conflict management

Business coaching is about breaking patterns and habits. The business coach is called in for conflict management and change communication when work processes and relationships stagnate. Power struggles and associated domination, often appear on the work floor. It is difficult in professional relationships to deal with that in the right way. Change your mindset and you also change patterns, attitude and behaviour. Learn to develop your strengths, without being influenced by domineering managers, colleagues or competitors. The business coach may be called in for guidance, coaching and mediation by large, medium or small businesses and organisations.

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The initial contact with the business coach or mediator is a meeting in which the current situation and the desired goal are discussed. Mediation only takes place with the permission of all stakeholders and on the basis of confidentiality. This gives everyone the chance to speak out freely, and so everyone's interests are clarified. As mediator, Chantal takes a neutral stand, and will bring together the interests of all parties. You are given the space to present your arguments and to listen to others. However difficult the situation, the choice will be for an outcome or solution that benefits the situation and organisation. In the last ten years, Chantal has guided people at various organisations in their transformation process.

Business coach: transformation and change coach

An important part of change management is the transformation process. As business coach, Chantal is also a transformation and change coach. By tackling the real core problem, the transformation process can get started. This process gets rid of blocks, emotions, traumas and triggers, clearing the way for goals to be achieved.

Want more information about the business coach? Then contact Chantal van den Broek of Empower Yourself Coaching. In addition to conflict management and change communication, Chantal also helps you put your talents to use. Develop yourself based on your personal wishes and goals. Chantal teaches you to understand why things happen the way they do in your business and how you can deal with that. It is her mission to use her knowledge and life experience to help others in a holistic manner in their process of awareness. She teaches them how to achieve results towards their dream goals.

Due to a disturbed relationship with a colleague, I had trouble getting energy from my work. Chantal successfully helped me with this in a short time through a 1-on-1 coaching session. This makes me interested…

Robbert Punte

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