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Why situations unfold anything but linearly


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If I had to choose one word that defines everything about me, it would be transformation. Looking back on everything I have done, the situations that came my way have led me to where I am today. In hindsight, everything has become clear, and for that, I have taken a step every day that has brought me to what is now my greatest passion: helping people in their transformation process. This journey did not unfold according to the plan I had in my mind, but the right situations appeared on my path that I couldn't have imagined. This non-linear path has helped me transform into who I truly am. In this blog, I will take you through why situations do not unfold linearly and how you can benefit from it.

The connection with your life's work

Years ago, I thought to myself: first, I need to get my life in order, then my dream partner will come into my life, and I can develop my business in peace. My dream partner did come into my life, but the peace I longed for was replaced by a balancing act between different jobs. In my thoughts, I romanticized it, but in reality, I found myself in chaotic environments where I underwent countless transformations while simultaneously helping others in their transformation process.

It is through all the chaos that my talents have further developed. I often witness this happening around me, people who have a certain image of how their lives should be. Instead, they receive what they truly need, where everything is focused on their highest good: their life's work. Every individual has a unique talent that only they can exercise. This talent is connected to their life's work, also known as their mission.

To put it simply, a passion linked to a goal is a mission. When you work on this mission daily, your life becomes easier because it aligns with your natural abilities and brings you fulfillment. In my experience, the more you resist it, the more challenging situations you invite into your life. But how do you discover your mission?

Your main path has always been there

From the moment of your birth, you have had a main path. That main path is your mission, waiting to be further discovered. As you grow and encounter different situations along the way, you learn valuable lessons. Through these lessons, you gradually get closer to your mission.

Your mission is much bigger than what your mind can conceive, as we are all part of the greater whole. The greater whole allows us, as humans, to pursue the things we desire daily. That is precisely why situations do not unfold linearly on your path.

During your journey of growth towards your true self, you learn from various things: life experiences and systems. Systems are necessary to keep everything organized. It is important to question whether these systems and structures are effective for you and how they impact your personal life, business aspects, and overall well-being.

Discovering your talents

When I discovered my talents, I realized that I do everything in the moment and take one action each day that makes a difference in my life. This was a complete shift from what I was accustomed to, as I used to believe that hard work was the only way. However, it didn't feel right, and I didn't know how to change it. Until one day, I decided to follow my intuition, and that changed everything in my life.

Now, I work with structures that provide me with guidance while staying connected to my true self. That is my compass. This compass shows me which actions to take daily, allowing me to fully enjoy the rest of the day.

Although my mind initially couldn't grasp it, I felt that it was the right path. I integrated it into my life, and it transformed everything. Of course, it took time for this change, and I combined the best of learned structures with my own compass. This transformed everything.

Would you also like to live from your true nature, embracing who you truly are?

It almost sounds like a fairy tale. When you are fully yourself in everything you do and align it with your mission, you can live on your own terms, in your own way.

Anything is possible when you listen to your feelings and honor what you truly need. When you combine your intuition with analytical thinking, doors will open in your life that you couldn't have imagined.

Are you curious about where you stand and what you need for your transformation?

If you're curious about your life's mission, where you currently stand, and how you can translate this into a successful business, schedule a conversation with me. I can guide you through the steps based on the transformation phases. These phases flow into one another, and themes may reoccur on different levels, signifying personal growth, as we continually evolve. I am ready to assist you in the transformation you desire, saving you energy, time, and money. If you need advice regarding your specific situation, please send an email with your questions to: info@empoweryourselfcoach.com

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