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Why do I fall for Mister or Miss Wrong?


Waarom val ik op de verkeerde man of vrouw

Do you belong to the group that seems to be unlucky in love? There is often a reason for falling for Mister or Miss Wrong. Your choice of partner is determined by the way your parents cared for you in those early years from birth to four years old. Maybe you weren't treated well in the past, and that you are used to it, so out of habit you search for and seem to fall for the wrong types every time. In this blog I show you the steps you can take to find the deeper reason. Why soulmates (temporarily) come into your life and how, by having a mindset of abundance, you can take the first step towards finding Mister or Miss Right.

Break your patterns

If you recognize the points above, take a closer look at the relationships you've had. Look at how you were treated and become aware of the patterns in your relationships. Does this align with who you actually are? Self-awareness is the first step towards creating a mindset of abundance. Go to: abundance (money) is also for you!

What is a soulmate?

The wrong woman or man can also be your soulmate. You meet your soulmate and from the moment you set eyes on each other there is a sense of peace and recognition. There are different types of soulmate. A soulmate can be your partner, but also your best friend. A soulmate comes into your life to teach you or to give you something.

Personally, I have had the opportunity to meet many soulmates in my life. Looking back, these were all teachers. Because of what I learned, I now have the right soulmate as a life partner, and together we follow our life mission. The connection is so strong that we understand what the other wants without having to say anything. It took years to get here.

Separation and commitment anxiety

Before my soulmate partner came into my life, I homed in on the patterns that were present in other soulmate relationships. Often, the pattern was that one person had separation anxiety and the other fear of commitment. Separation anxiety means being afraid of losing someone. The common denominator is often the fear of being alone and the fear doesn't go away.

Fear of commitment often hides a fear of separation. That does not mean that people with fear of commitment also have separation anxiety. It is true that these two opposites attract each other, because unconsciously each person recognises the behaviour in the other. It's like a magnetic attraction.

The person with fear of commitment will reject someone, while the person with separation anxiety will be extremely clingy. The person with separation anxiety tries even harder to cling to the other person until the other person is done and leaves. Then the person with fear of commitment comes back, only to reject the other person again. It's a vicious circle.

Mister and Miss Wrong avoid the lessons

What I have learned is to really work on digging deeper. This means looking at a deeper layer and tackling the real core problem. That also means embarking on the journey, the quest which takes you to a deeper level every time. The last level is when you come home to yourself. Coming home to yourself means accepting yourself in all your facets. Then the right man, woman or soulmate will come your way. You can look back on a path in which the lessons were learned.

What's next?

I know better than anyone that the search for the right man or woman can trigger or create traumas in you. You can break through this by being coached by the right coach who can really help you move forward in just a short time. Through my own search and my holistic approach, I have discovered that I can really solve the core problem and traumas in a short time. If you stay focussed on the man or woman you do want in your life, you will attract them when the time is right. In the program, Abundance (money) is also for you, I will take you through the 3 phases. There is a different approach for each phase, and the order is important.

Special offer

To help you further, I have a special offer to help you discover which phase you are in. You will receive concrete tips and tools to immediately turn your life around and find the man or woman of your dreams. Discover your mission here and together we will achieve your dream goals. In order to achieve this, I make sure you remain independent in the quest for your happiness.

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