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What makes a person happy? Five steps to experience more meaning every day


Wat maakt een mens gelukkig Vijf stappen om dagelijks meer zingeving te ervaren

Everyone wants to be happy whatever their situation maybe. You are no different. Of course you want to identify your goals, your talents and where you stand. Personal development helps answer the question of what you really need so your life has value. The search for what  personal value means for you is often linked to your life purpose. Purpose drives your passion which is the burning desire that ensures you experience meaning every day. Meaning is the direction and underlying reason why you do things the way you do. In this blog I will explain how you can take the first steps to discover your personal meaning and life mission, including 5 tips to experience more meaning every day.

Why is meaning necessary for experiencing happiness?

Meaning contributes to a healthy life. When you have meaning, what you do comes effortlessly and gives you energy. You experience complete surrender, and experience a feeling of freedom, appreciation and connection. If you experience full meaning, there is a good chance that you have already found your life mission and that you are perhaps still working on your inner journey.

It is not a given that everyone knows what their life mission is. It is often a quest of trial and error. For example, you can get stuck in a rut at work and in relationships. You  no longer experience any pleasure at all, and people drain your energy. This has an impact on your emotional, mental and even physical wellbeing. You are in fact acting against the nature of your life mission and may as a result, suffer a burnout, for example. A burnout may also be the opportunity you need to delve into yourself and ask yourself: What makes me really happy from my heart?

Let me give you an example. Suppose you are in a relationship with and feel deep down that things are not how they used to be. Your head tells you: 'Don't be like that, we've known each other for years and it will probably be a temporary dip.' This thought pushes you continue with your relationship. Yet you still have the gnawing feeling that the relationship no longer resonates with you. You repeatedly ignore all the signals that you encounter. Because you have ignored these signals and your feelings, at some point you will feel listless and possibly even depressed. This may make you more susceptible to a common ailment like the flu. While you're sick, you have time to zoom in on how you actually feel in the relationship and realize that this relationship makes you unhappy. Knowing it’s good for your health, you talk to a friend and come to the realization that it’s time for you and your partner to go your separate ways. Despite the pain of breaking up, you feel relieved and happy that you can now do things that really suit you.

The meaning of meaning

A lack of meaning in both your private and professional life can leave you feeling aimless or bored. To get out of this, it is important to ask yourself honest questions. Questions such as: who am I? what are my standards and values? and where do I get energy from?

Meaning is something different for everyone. One person is happy with a loving family, while the other is happy traveling or starting a business. Only you can define what meaning means for you. And to do that, you must look for your personal values.

Personal value is something that is important to you. Examples of personal values ​​are: freedom, justice, honesty, kindness, love and success.

Here’s an example. Suppose you experienced  injustice during your childhood and continued to be triggered by injustice. Through personal work, where you discover where the trigger came from, you eventually resolved it. This gives you the feeling of freedom. Because freedom is number 1 on your list of personal values, you decide to start your own business so that you experience even more (financial) freedom every day.

The 5 steps you can take to experience meaning every day

Finding your life mission is a quest that is fun and that gives you energy. Start immediately with the steps below to create meaning in your life every day.

1. What small activities inspire you and give you a feeling of passion? Apply these activities daily and experience instant happiness.
2. What are your most important personal values? Put together a top 3.
3. See for yourself how you can apply these top 3 personal values ​​on a daily basis.
4. Look at how you deal with setbacks and see for yourself how you can increase your personal resilience and what is possible.
5. See how you can connect even more with the people around you for inspiration and energy. What is the connection and similarity between you?

How do you find your personal life mission?

After a 20-year search for my life mission, I have developed tools and a manual that accelerate your search for your personal life mission.

Every day I help people to zoom in on their life mission, goals and talents. This gives you direction and focus and helps you take targeted steps to give substance to your life mission, whatever that might be, even setting up your own company.

Would you like to know where you stand? Schedule a free introductory session with me so we can pinpoint immediately which phase you are at and what you can do to achieve your personal life mission in a targeted way.

You receive what you believe.

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