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What brings me happiness and success, even when dealing with physical ailments?


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Everyone longs to be healthy, happy, and successful. Many people are searching for this ideal, but often find themselves stuck in circles due to their own mindset. As a result, individuals continue to carry their emotions and traumas in physical, emotional, and mental realms. The key to mastering your emotions and addressing your core issues lies in living a healthy and successful life. This blog focuses on discovering the answer to the question: what brings me happiness and success, even when dealing with physical ailments?

The foundation for a successful life

The foundation for success begins with optimal health. It seems so obvious when you have good health. You exercise daily and eat healthily. You feel like you're doing everything right. Then out of nowhere, you get a disease. You're completely overwhelmed and find yourself in a never-ending series of hospital visits. Your once good life has suddenly turned into a true nightmare. You wonder: how did this happen?

Blockages in your body

People are often unaware of the energetic aspects of the human body and the influence they have with their own mindset. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you can carry blockages within your body that can lead to developing illnesses at a young age. Additionally, you unconsciously reinforce illnesses through the power of your mindset.

What is a Block?

A blockage is literally a disruption in the flow of energy within your body. A blockage occurs due to an unresolved emotional event. When you dislike or have an unpleasant experience, a blocked cell forms in your body. Imagine being laughed at during a presentation. You turn red and wish the ground would swallow you up. These emotions are pushed away, and the cell containing that energy becomes lodged in your body, often without your conscious awareness.

Several weeks later, you give another presentation. You make a mistake, and people laugh at you once again. You feel incredibly uncomfortable about this blunder. You notice that your reaction is more intense than the first time. In this situation, you store the energy associated with this event in the same cell. This means that, in addition to the first cell, a second cell has now become lodged in your body. These cells connect with each other and grow larger with each situation that you link to them with emotion, thought, and belief.

A core blockage is of a deeper nature and originates from past lives. By removing these core blockages, you can reconnect with your true self. The removal of these core blockages can only take place in collaboration with me, due to the release of energy involved. This energy is often intense, which is why guidance is necessary to lovingly release the old energy while you remain in your power.

The power of your mindset and words

The power of your mindset and words Everything you do and everything around you is energy. We are all interconnected. Every thought and emotion you have carries an energy frequency. These energy frequencies are emitted by you. Each person has a unique experience of their reality, shaped by their own ideas, life perspective, and personal beliefs. What is your reality, and what thoughts do you have daily? When you change, the whole world around you changes.

Everything in the universe consists of energy. As human beings, we are tiny particles vibrating at different speeds within this energy. Every part of our body is made up of vibrating particles. These particles behave as energy and can be measured in hertz. This means that emotions have their own frequencies. There are different types of emotions. There are emotions we tend to suppress that have lower frequencies, such as guilt, shame, anger, and fear. There are also positive emotions that have higher frequencies, such as love, gratitude, enthusiasm, and freedom.

Your thoughts and the ability to attract what you desire go hand in hand. Become aware of the words you speak to yourself and others throughout the day. Are these words positive and focused on possibilities, or are they filled with negativity and limitations?

Take the first steps towards a successful life

Take the first steps towards a successful life This means that when you become aware of your thoughts and recognize that your beliefs and emotions carry a vibrational frequency that can attract situations, it is important to maintain a positive mindset, especially when dealing with physical ailments. However, this can be a significant challenge, particularly when faced with an intense situation. Below are two tips that you can apply in any case:T

  • Focus on the positive sentence: I am and I stay fit, vital, healthy, strong and powerful. Repeat this sentence as often as you can with negative thoughts.
  • Reflect upon yourself and explore why this physical ailment has manifested in your life and what possible meaning it may hold.

I personally struggled with asthma symptoms for years. The root cause of my condition lay in the fact that I allowed myself to be suppressed. However, when I addressed the core blockage and actively worked on my mindset, my asthma symptoms disappeared years later. The doctor couldn't explain it. I am incredibly grateful for this outcome as it means I no longer need to rely on medication. The quality of my life has improved significantly.

Prevention is better than cure

It is crucial to take immediate action in mastering your daily emotions and addressing core blockages and emotional triggers. This approach can potentially help prevent physical ailments. When you are in balance, you can utilize visualizations to maintain your overall well-being

Do you want to know where you stand?

Do you want to know where you stand? If you're eager to discover your current position in life regarding health and success, then book a Healthy Life Reading. In this reading, you will receive the key to self-liberation, as the psyche and emotions play a role in the onset and healing of illnesses. Once you understand the origin, you can take charge because you have the power to positively influence it when you know how. The supportive visualizations in the online program will transform your life. You can achieve much more than you think!

We will begin your session with a personal conversation where you can ask me any questions you have about your health. You will always receive what you need, which may be different from what you expect. Take the first step towards optimal health today.

Read Therese's review below

Through my sister-in-law, I was introduced to Chantal. I have been experiencing unexplained psychological and physical symptoms for years and kept hitting dead ends everywhere I turned. Fortunately, the door opened when I met Chantal. The reading I received from her and the online program are truly helping me become a different person. I am less trapped in my own thoughts, my energy is returning, and most importantly, I am standing up for myself again and no longer allowing negative things to affect me. I can once again find joy in simple things, laugh much more, and my sleep has significantly improved. I still have a long way to go, but I already feel so much better. This has been a significant step for me. Dear Chantal, thank you so much for this valuable discovery.

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If you can change your mind,
You can change your life!

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