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Want to improve your health? Look for the balance between body, mind and soul


Je gezondheid verbeteren zoek de balans tussen je body mind en soul

About 10 years ago my health was out of balance. I had aches and pains in my body, was emotionally out of balance and regularly failed to protect my own boundaries. My life felt intense and I was constantly running around chasing my tail. I felt I had no control over my life, both in my private life and at work. I asked myself: 'how can I regain my balance? And how can I experience daily happiness in my life?' I created The Healthy & Wealthy life programme as a result of my personal experiences. In this blog I will tell you more about why being in balance is important and the benefits it gives you.

The impact of living from the inside out

When I look back on what was the most important change to get my life in balance, I started living from the inside out. That meant a huge transformation for me personally. I always lived from the outside in. I watched what the outside world was doing and followed it. That meant I was dependent on what people thought of me. And every time someone said something, I adapted my behaviour accordingly. So I lived in a constant state of worry. Worry about what was happening in the world, worry about family and friends, worry about whether I was good enough.

All that worrying caused me to adapt my behaviour to every situation, which meant that, wherever I was, I set expectations and there came a point when I could no longer meet them. My schedule was way too full, I was with friends that didn't suit me at all, I felt trapped in my daily activities and ran from one appointment to the next.

When I finally decided for myself to live on the basis of my own values and standards and my own being, everything suddenly changed. I made decisions that felt right for me. This left me time in my diary and for what was really important to me. I felt so relieved and especially grateful that I could give direction to my life.

That meant that I had deep discussions and also recognized the people who no longer suited me, because they were used to me doing everything for them. That meant I completely said yes to myself. This opened doors for me and opportunities and possibilities came my way. 

The balance stemming from my new life

Because of the choices I made then, I also decided to start my own company. This was a process of trial and error, but it has made me who I really am today. What I teach is to follow their intuition and their own path. Do that, and the right people will come your way, creating new insights and possibilities.

Healthy & Wealthy life

It was November 2021 when I decided to be more visible with the talents that I had naturally been given. This is how the blog recharge yourself came about. A great opportunity to see where you are at the moment when it comes to your health.

Because I have been able to help many customers to get their lives in balance, the programme Healthy & Wealthy life emerged. In this way, Empower Yourself can make a good contribution to maintaining the balance in your emotional and physical health. 

The importance of balance in your body, mind and soul

I know what the effect of the programme is, though seeing the experiences of customers. After 30 days of sessions it is important to start working with a visualisation and the 6 building blocks for a Healthy & Wealth life. Empower Yourself provides everything you need for a balanced life. You need balance to maintain control over your life, so that you can say, looking back, that you have done the things you wanted to do, or even better, and have prevented unnecessary physical complaints. 

You experience happiness every day by being well-balanced. And sometimes things happen in your life that require you to look at that balance. From Empower Yourself you learn to evaluate and adjust if necessary. This means you are the one in control of your life. You live from the inside out, according to the values and standards that are important to you and you make a very valuable contribution to the people around you.

What are the benefits of a well-balanced life:

  • You live more efficiently, because you are ruled less by your head and more by your heart. This balances your emotions and gives you ideas, insights and inspiration. 
  • Because you are connected with your body, mind and soul you can manage your life the way you want. 
  • Your body and mind are completely at ease and you have your emotions under control. 
  • You have a helicopter view and therefore have an overview of your life. 
  • Because you closely connected with your real self and live from the inside out, you can speed up changes in your life and enjoy your personal happiness every day. 
  • You prevent aches and pains. 
  • You feel reborn and become a better version of yourself.

Improve your health for a good balance between body, mind & soul

Are you out of balance in any area of your life? Are you looking for a way to change this? Let me think with you about the steps you can take today to achieve or maintain a well-balanced health. Schedule a session here for immediate insight into and what best suits your situation.

Improve your health

Do you really want some quality time for yourself and relax?

Then our Retreat Experience may be something for you. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings where we stay for a few days and get life-time insights, handles, tools and advice for a happy, healthy & wealthy life.

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