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Use your high sensitivity as a strength


Gebruik je hooggevoeligheid als kracht

High sensitivity is a strength, not a burden. In my coaching practice, I work with people every day who are unaware of their high sensitivity. How do you find out whether you are highly sensitive and how can you use it as a strength?

What is a sensitive person?

A sensitive person is actually no different from anyone else. They just have an extra talent: they are intuitive when it comes to people, situations and atmospheres. For example, if a sensitive person visits other people just after an argument has taken place, he will be able to feel the negative vibe the minute the door opens. It's as if he has an antenna that can accurately pick up on atmospheres. As a sensitive person, you pick up all sorts of signals that are being transmitted by others around you. Sensitivity is something with which you are born. Most people are unaware of it. But if you are sensitive, and recognise it, and learn how to use it in the right way, it is a strength.

Characteristics of a highly sensitive person

You often feel you are more sensitive than others. The highly sensitive person has the following traits:

  • More intense and more detailed senses (hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch).
  • A well-developed ability to pick up on atmospheres and vibes.
  • Can experience other people's and their own moods very strongly.
  • A strong sense of justice.
  • Empathic and willing to help others.
  • A highly developed intuition, maybe a sixth sense.

That means they are more likely to become overstimulated and drained in environments where there are a lot of people.

Protect your energy levels

How do you make sure that you continue to feel good in busy environments so you can keep doing your work or fun things? The most important thing is to look after yourself properly. That means paying attention to your energy management every day.

What is energy management? Wherever you focus your attention, your energy follows. There are five aspects to the process of energy management:

  • Your health
  • Changing your behaviour
  • Influence of your surroundings
  • Resting on time
  • Life-work balance

Energy management is based on an experience process. Check if these five aspects are in balance in your life and see how you can keep them in balance. Because there is always change, you should evaluate and redirect your energy management every week.

Make your own step-by-step plan

Every week, evaluate for yourself at which events or appointments you feel overstimulated. Like a large party, a meeting with a manager, organising a trip or an exciting date.

Make sure you take at least half an hour every day to recover. Take some me-time: a 30 minute walk in the park, a tea break, a 30 minute workout. Go to bed a little earlier, do a visualisation or a relaxation exercise. That calms you down and gives you the opportunity to process all the stimuli of the day.

Awareness and using high sensitivity as a strength

The first step is to become aware of your high sensitivity and to learn to take time out for yourself every day. The second step is to protect yourself from too many external stimuli. Like a computer, as a person, you store everything you hear going on around you. You are often not even aware that you have absorbed someone else's energy. It's like a virus infecting your laptop without you knowing it. So, just as you protect your telephone with a special cover, as a sensitive person you need to protect yourself every day.

If you look after yourself every day, you will be empowered to deal with every situation, every day, and remain energised instead of being drained in your interactions with others. If you apply this on a daily basis, you can use your high sensitivity as a strength: being empathic and sensing what the other person needs. Great to use in your role of consultant, or to help other people write their story.

Want to know if you are highly sensitive and how you can protect yourself?

Want to know if you are highly sensitive and how you can use this as a strength? Contact me to schedule an appointment. I will tune in to you personally. After all, every sensitive person is unique. I will give you tips about looking after yourself on a daily basis. It's often the small things that make a difference. Email me with your questions to: info@empoweryourselfcoach.com

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