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This is how you transform successfully!


Succesvol transformeren doe je zo

When you look at life missions, personal growth and development are always key. Why is it that one person develops faster than another? And how do you transform into your authentic self? In this blog I will show you how you can successfully transform yourself and give you tips that you can apply immediately.

What is transformation?

Transformation literally means change. If you dig deeper, transformation means something even more profound. Transformation means a fundamental change in thought processes and even a change in consciousness. For example, one form of transformation is a visualisation.

What is the purpose of the transformation process?

The purpose of this process is first to become aware of reaching the root of your problem. You're not sure what to do, except that you have decided to tackle this central theme in your life once and for all. Then comes the acceptance and reliving stage. This means going through the process and then letting it go.

My own experience with transformation processes

6 years' ago, I was at the start of my transformation process. I had decided to live alone. The moment I moved to my new apartment, the acceptance a reliving stage began. My own key themes included:

  • Narcissism & domination, both in the personal and work sphere.
  • Insecurity, feeling unsafe and experiencing fears.
  • Setting boundaries.
  • Learning to value myself and show my talents.
  • Leaving responsibility with the other person.

The benefits of transformation processes & my life mission

The themes appeared at a deeper level each time. That allowed me to look at the key themes that repeatedly showed up; now I have reached the stage that I remain empowered whatever the theme and am able to see the big picture. That means I am able to help other people and organisations accelerate their transformation process.

The benefit of fully surrendering to your transformation process is that your life is less chaotic and you feel unburdened; things flow easily and you can be your true self, every day. When you live according to your destiny, everything runs smoothly, pleasantly and easily. You feel intensely happy and experience more meaning in your day to day activities.

4 tips to transform yourself successfully into a better version of yourself

How do you transform yourself? It starts with the tips set out below, which I still apply every day.

  1. Keep an open mind in life.
    When a belief or small voice deep inside tells you: I'll never do that again, it may cause you to switch off your flow of ideas. It's better to look at the world through the eyes of a child, full of amazement and discovery. Are you open to new ideas?
  2. See who you really are.
    How do you see yourself and how do you act in your daily life? Look at yourself in the mirror; often, you are more powerful than you think.
  3. Dare to feel.
    People often suppress their feelings, also their love of themselves. If you really dare to feel and make contact with your body and know what you feel, your life's energy is able to flow. You have a right to exist with all your facets.
  4. Learn to listen.
    Learn to listen to your heart and follow it. First listen and identify what you need, then take the necessary steps. Always trust that the first step will be presented to you, and have faith that this step will come. The rest of the steps will follow automatically!

What if you end up going around in circles? Start your transformation process to the better version of yourself.

Of course I had help 6 years' ago, in my process of self-transformation. After all, everyone needs someone who can look beyond the emotions that inevitably arise, and see the big picture. But it is because of my personal experiences that I am able to help others. After just one session I can see the difference and what that means to people. See the reviews for more information about what it can mean to you, personally.

I am happy to help you, because I actually know what it's like to go round in circles. I would like to invite you to take a free intake session, during which I will home in on your situation and give you tips that you can apply straight away. If this blog resonates with you, email me at: info@empoweryourselfcoach.com or schedule an appointment in my calendar. If you can't see a suitable time, send me an email with your preference.

This is how you transform succesfully

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