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The ultimate Christmas feeling: do you believe in miracles?


Het ultieme kerstgevoel geloof jij in wonderen

What is that Christmas feeling really? It's tough to put that feeling into words and it's different for everyone. That Christmas feeling pops up out of nowhere, and gives you an ultimate joyful moment. A brief escape from reality, where you can lose yourself a fairy-tale and recall a comforting memory.

What if you don't have happy memories of Christmas? What if you feel the pain of missing your loving partner, your father, your mother, granddad or grandma, or friend? How do you deal with missing those you are unable to see right now? These are emotions that you carry with you because you want to share Christmas with others. That's when a feeling of loneliness creeps in.

In this blog I want to reassure you that miracles really do happen. And I want to give you a message specially channelled through me for everyone who needs it or is missing someone. Check: https://www.empoweryourselfcoach.com/en/deceased-loved-one.

All you need is love

It all starts with self-love. How do you treat yourself? Do you take care of yourself despite the hustle and bustle of Christmas and do you take a moment to relax and get out of your head? How do you make sure you can view the busy outside world around you from your inner world? And how do you manage your emotions when it comes to missing the people you love most?

The ultimate Christmas feeling: do you believe in it or not?

When I was a little girl with long blond hair and big blue eyes, I experienced the ultimate Christmas feeling. My sister, parents and I put up the Christmas tree together. The scent of the pine tree, Christmas songs, angel hair and candles: I can always recall that feeling.

When I got older, my Christmas feeling flipped completely upside down. I experienced Christmas as dark days and was happy when I could go back to work. This was as a result of some serious situations that had crossed my path, which had become traumas. I had attached all kinds of emotions to them and taken on other people's projections about Christmas. My ultimate Christmas feeling was not so good anymore.

When I embarked on my personal journey 6 years ago, I began to face the fears, tackle my core problems and let go of emotions and beliefs that belonged to other people once and for all. The journey started with me dealing with situations that came my way with self-love, I chose to do what I felt in my heart was right for me and because of this I started living from the inside out.

Miracles do happen

The more I followed my heart, the more miracles came my way. The right people came into my life and now I do the things that are valuable to me. Today I really believe in miracles. The fears that I always felt and that limited me are gone. I live according to what is important to me instead of what other people expect of me. That gives me freedom every day in everything I do.

How do you create the ultimate Christmas feeling?

I learned from the tough lessons, and completely turned what I learned into strengths. That means that at every level, I have experienced how you can transform as a person in a short time. It doesn't have to be difficult at all once you know how to do it. In my personal transformation process, I discovered my gifts. So, I can certainly save you 10 years of time spent on personal development. Today I experience the Christmas feeling, which is love, every day. What steps can you take today to awaken the Christmas feeling, despite the pain you feel in your heart, missing others, the anger and the old situations you want to conceal?

Are you still experiencing the intense longing?

Does the longing keep tugging at your heart strings, despite your attempts to find the ultimate Christmas feeling in yourself? I can really help you using my special gifts. I have made many people before you happy with a beautiful message. Deceased loved ones are always there; you are just not always aware of them.

How did I discover my miracles?

A few years ago, in a coaching session I suddenly discovered the ability to pass on a message to a woman I was talking to at the time. I had no idea what the message was about but it went straight to her heart. She immediately understood that the message was about her father. She walked out the door crying tears of happiness. She was overwhelmed by the special message.

These days, I use my talents to get to the core of a problem and resolve it, and messages from deceased loved ones come through for people during coaching sessions.

Christmas special offer of € 25

Because for some people the days before Christmas may feel sombre, I have a special offer for you to use for the next two months. Normally I only focus on coaching sessions and transformations. In the months of December and January I want you to have the ultimate Christmas feeling, even if it's just for a brief period. After all, no one should feel alone at Christmas. If you are interested in the Christmas special or want to give someone the ultimate Christmas feeling, go to: https://www.empoweryourselfcoach.com/en/deceased-loved-one

Would you like to talk to someone you have been missing for years? I will bring you together in 15 magic minutes.

Christmas special

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