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The secret to a happy life: the 3 stages of change!


Het geheim van een gelukkig leven de 3 fases voor verandering

During the process of creating a happy life of abundance, a person goes through 3 stages. This blog explains the 3 stages and how you can recognise them for your personal growth. Once you have learned the lessons about the themes that recur on a daily basis in your life, the core problem can be removed from your system. This means, no more triggers or blocks and no more of these themes in your life. The first step is to become aware of the themes that repeatedly show up in your life.

Your best life: you deserve abundance (money) too!

When your intentions, thoughts and emotions are aligned, you can create anything you want.
To create your most beautiful life and also abundance in your life, there are 3 stages that you go through:

  • You discover your blocks and themes in your life that you come across on a daily basis.
  • Your transformation process begins when you start to work on your core problem.
  • You set your dream goals & create your most beautiful life!

The time each stage takes differs per person because it depends on your life mission and your personal development. As you go through different situations with the themes in your life, you learn and move to the next level. As a human being you are never finished learning. When you have reached stage 3, you can continue to grow limitlessly.

The secret to a happy life: stage one, discover your blocks

The first step towards a happy life is to discover your blocks and themes in your life. You become aware of situations and challenges that you come across in your life. Let me guide you, using Jasmine as an example.

Jasmine had a good childhood. Her parents were loving and she could go rely on them if she ran into problems. The key theme that Jasmine faced was that she felt insecure. This came out at school, where she thought she had performance anxiety. She felt insecure with boyfriends and friends. She saw a very clear pattern, but she kept going around in circles no matter what she did.

In the example above, clearly, Jasmine regularly became stuck, due to her insecurity. Because people and situations came her way that she didn't like and which made her feel restless each time, she experienced the triggers of the blocks.

What are blocks?

A block is literally something that disrupts the energy flow in your body. A block is caused by an unprocessed emotional event. The moment you don't like something, a blocked cell is created in your body. Imagine people laughing at you when you give a presentation. You blush and want the ground to open up and swallow you. You push these emotions away and the cell holding that energy settles in your body, without you being aware of it.

A few weeks later you give another presentation. You make a blunder and people laugh at you. You feel very bad about making the blunder and the whole group laughs about it. You notice that your reaction this time is more intense than the first time. In this situation you store this energy again in the same cell. That means that now a second cell has settled in your body, around the first energy cell.

If this continues to happen, a block is created in your body, and you may experience physical discomfort because of it. Blocks are created by negative thoughts about situations.

The secret of a happy life: stage 2 working on your core problem

Once you have discovered the themes in your life, you are a step further in your awareness. The next step is to discover the root of the core problem. Let's take another example from Jasmine's life.

Jasmijn came to my practice 3 years ago and wanted to know how she could feel confident every day. She told me about the situations that she encountered. She also said that from then on she made her boundaries known when she reached her limits. Through this action, Jasmine learned to stand up for herself instead of keeping quiet, sitting in a corner and doing nothing.

By setting boundaries, Jasmine learned her life lessons. This allowed me, together with Jasmine, to home in on where the actual core problem of her insecurity really came from. By means of a visualization we eventually found out where the core problem originated. The root of her problem was in a past life. In a past life she was employed by a domineering king who made her feel small. She felt insecure in that life. This feeling of insecurity returned in this life because of the situations at school or with her friends. The people and situations were the triggers for what was blocking her. Because Jasmine attracted many dominant people to her, she had negative thoughts about herself and the situation, and she stored this energy repeatedly in her cells. This made the block even bigger.

Because she was totally done with keeping herself small, the blocks could be removed at energy level. By removing the blocks and the root problem, the energy disappeared and Jasmine learned the lessons she needed to learn. The core problem and the blocks were resolved once and for all. Jasmine felt radiant and happy. Everyone noticed it. She felt liberated!

The secret of a happy life: stage 3 set your dream goals and create your best life

Jasmine did a lot of hard, inner work to resolve the blocks. She was helped in 3 coaching sessions and rediscovered her self-confidence. Because Jasmine radiates confidence, she automatically attracts people into her life who reaffirm that confidence. Jasmine has continued with her personal development. We homed in together on what her life mission is. Everyone is born with a life mission. Your life mission makes the best use of your talents and gifts. The more you stay on your life path, the easier and better things go. In Jasmine's case we discovered she was very good with children. Children she meets open up to her, and in this way she can help them move forward. She has started training as a child coach, which she has combined with her present job. Jasmine now trusts her intuition completely.  

Jasmine is still working on her dream goal and feels happy to be on the path to her dream goal. She feels in everything that she has a happy, beautiful and fulfilled life. And she wants to create a lot more in her life.

Become a magnet and create your best life!

You can also create your most beautiful life, just like Jasmine. Because Jasmine started living from the inside out and started tackling her blocks, she feels happy. She realizes all too well that she can make every day even more beautiful. The power of her thoughts plays a major role in this.

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