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The power of a visualisation


De kracht van een visualisatie

How do I stay empowered every day? A question often asked by my clients. In addition to tackling your core blocks it is important to work on having the right mindset. How do you overcome obstacles and how do you reach your true goals? In this blog I explain how the power of visualisations can help you in your daily life.

The impact of emotions

How you react to situations has an impact on how you feel during the day. If you look at a situation, it's a situation that happens. Your thoughts about this situation determine how you feel throughout the day. Often you have old patterns embedded in your subconscious, which may cause you react to situations on autopilot. An old label that was created in response to a situation in your youth, for example, comes up and immediately you get into that same feeling you had as a child. Conditionings have an impact on your emotions and where you stand in life. Once you become aware of your patterns, you can decide to do things differently. This is the first step. For many people, it goes no further than a good intention, because they do not know how to break the pattern and choose a different mindset.

Break your patterns

A good resolution is fantastic. Then it is important to take action. Action that fits the situation at that moment and feels good for you. When you take the action, you may feel some resistance and you get no further than having a good resolution. You keep going round in circles and fall back into your old pattern.

The power of a visualisation

Through my own process, I took a closer look at my patterns and emotions at all levels, so I could break the vicious circle. Once I knew where the pattern came from, I could come up with a method for tackling it at the root. Because I made visualisations for myself, I experienced what effect these visualisations had on me. With clients, I saw that they ran into the same struggles and patterns. They really wanted to create their most beautiful life, but how? I lead you into the power of a visualisation that will make all the difference so you can break your pattern.

The powerful technique of visualisations

Visualising is a powerful technique that can help you overcome obstacles and achieve goals. It is important to apply it effectively. Thoughts and images that you create during visualisation create (new) neural pathways. Your brain 'tells' the neurons that you are already performing an action, which leads to a kind of 'behavioural memory'. By creating these paths, your brain chooses those paths faster when you actually perform the visualised action in real life. Because that action is already familiar to your brain, it can improve your behaviour or performance and thus contribute to achieving your goals.

The combination of visualisations and my gift

Because you can reprogramme your brain how you want, I began to combine visualisation with my gifts. This means that when I tune in to the person, I know what the core of the problem is and I can include that in a tailormade visualisation. 

The visualisation takes you to a deeper level of your subconscious. By tackling the core, you address emotions and beliefs at their source. Through the power of the visualisation, my voice and your subconscious, old patterns disappear like snow melting in the sun. It helps you to improve your personal specific situation.

Would you like to experience the power of a visualisation?

Do you want to achieve your goals once and for all instead of continuing to run around in circles and continuously end up back at square one? I can create a tailormade visualisation especially for you. Let me know in an e-mail what you are dealing with, I will provide a tailormade visualisation especially for you. You can use this visualisation all the time.

Do you want to break your patterns once and for all and anchor your new beliefs into your system? Click this link and fill in the form and you will receive a message from me about how long your visualisation will be. You can also send me an email explaining the reason you would like to receive a customized visualisation. Mail to info@empoweryourselfcoach.com.

What can you use a visualisation for?

For all aspects of life, actually. For example, suppose you want to break old habits because you want to live healthier or that you want to overcome your anxiety or you want to experience more peace in your life. Experience for yourself the power and possibilities of a tailormade visualisation.

Tailormade visualisation

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