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Rediscovering yourself after a break up or divorce


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During coaching sessions I often speak with people who have gone through a break up or people who need to choose for themselves. During these sessions people often say what they are really feeling and what they really want. I mirror them in the moment and they are immediately relieved. The step to actually end the relationship is sometimes a challenge.

Why is it that people don't dare to take a step for themselves?

What I often see during coaching sessions is that people are afraid. Afraid of being alone, afraid of losing their children or of having to provide for themselves. Often, people make light of that by saying to themselves: 'this is probably just a one-off, the other person does look after me', when in fact, the opposite is often true. But, out of habit, they stay with their partner, because they know that one decision will change their entire life. And they dread that one, decision tata will have so much impact.

Investigate what you want and what will lead you to make a decision

If you experience fear or resistance, see it as the opportunity to home in on what is behind that fear or resistance. My advice is: explore and experience the emotions by feeling them fully. If you can do that, and as a result, get to the root of your problem, it creates space. And in that space, you find peace, and in peace you can see the big picture. And when you have the big picture, you can make the right choice for yourself.

Whatever path you take,
it will lead to a decision.
And some decisions change everything.
In hindsight, you know that this is the best decision
you could have made.

- Chantal van den Broek, coach

Take the first steps towards you decision

1. Write down your core values. Examples of core values are: caring, reliable, leadership, independence and freedom.
2. Write down the core values you would like to see in your ideal partner.
3. Write down a description of your current relationship or your previous relationship.
4. Compare numbers 1 to 3, look at the similarities and differences.
5. Based on these insights, make a choice about whether to continue with the relationship or choose for yourself.

Closer to yourself with personal and life coaching

In the context of the steps above, are you going around in circles? Are you still looking for answers as to why you keep attracting the wrong partner? Or do you want to know how to move on with your life after a divorce? Not just for yourself, but also for your children. Take the first step and plan a free, personal intake session with me.

In the personal session, we will investigate the themes confronting you. By focusing immediately on the core problem, you no longer need to keep going around in circles. Experience for yourself, the difference and how much better you feel in just a couple of sessions. Then you will be able to take the right steps for amazing happiness and an independent life. Read the personal coaching reviews and be inspired. Book an intake session.

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