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It's the start of the new year, one in which all your dreams and wishes may come true. What I quite often see is that many people like doing things for others because it gives them a sense of satisfaction and purpose. But what happens when you invest in other people and forget yourself in the process? And what if the relationship is out of balance? You become physically exhausted and lose your personal power. You feel like you're constantly playing catch-up. You end up in a downward spiral. How can you break this cycle? In this blog I will show you how you can break this circle for yourself and how you can feel fully energised again.

Energy boost by recharging your batteries

Have you been feeling drained lately and could your body use a power boost? Stress, hard work, problems that you cannot solve and other incidents happening around you, can drain you of energy. Your battery is running low and you need time to recharge. How do you make sure you get an energy boost and that you do lose your mental, physical and emotional equilibrium? Go to: Empower Yourself energy boost.

Here are three easy to apply tips:

  1. Clear your head
    To boost your energy levels, it is important to get out of your head first. I always had trouble relaxing, in fact I thought everything would go better if I lived constantly in 5th gear. But it was when I started taking time to relax for several short spells a day that I got more done. The reason for this is that I first connect with my heart, and therefore make the right choices. Even if I only listen to my mind, I eventually end up making the choice that my heart already knows to be the right one. As a result, I have taken many detours in money, time and energy that could have been saved if I had simply allowed myself to stop for a moment and do 'nothing'.

  2. Drink water
    Drinking enough fluids is really important for keeping your energy levels up. A lack of water causes you to feel lifeless. We are often so busy doing tasks and chores, we forget to drink. Make sure to have water nearby, it will help you stay balanced.

  3. Make sure to take enough 'time-outs'
    Including 'time-outs' between appointments, gives you a chance to recharge. You do this by, for example, taking 1 minute for yourself to focus on your breathing. This brings you into the present moment. If you can stop your thought process in that instant, you get out of your head and the world suddenly feels lighter. The more you apply this, the more you can see the big picture. This makes it easier to separate major from secondary issues.

Tackling your core problem

You can apply the above 3 tips in any situation. This is a temporary remedy that you can use during the day. However, it is important to really tackle the core of where the lethargy is coming from.

Years ago I found myself in a situation where I felt really lethargic, I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and was doing my best to survive rather than thrive and live in the flow. I first started to apply the tips above and then began to dig deeper. I discovered my blockages and tackled them one by one. As a result, my ailments disappeared like snow melting in the sun and I feel full of energy every day.

Where do you start?

It starts with the first step. That means making the decision to make yourself your priority and take care of yourself first. Only then can you really be there for the other person. Once you have made this decision, it is important to identify who you can turn to so that you can become fully balanced and fully charged again.

Through my own experience I learned to use a holistic method, where the root of the complaints is tackled. Just contact me. In 15 to 30 minutes I will bring you to a state of complete relaxation. You reconnect with yourself and become fully recharged.

Recharge your batteries

Are you tired of running around in circles, and are you ready and willing to take steps to improve, and do you really have the courage to take the first step?
Give yourself the Empower Yourself Energy boost as a gift.

Energy boost

Energy boost empower yourself

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