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Personal coaching and life coaching for when you get stuck


Personal coaching en life coaching voor als je even vastloopt

We all get stuck at some stage in our lives. We all face challenges, themes that repeatedly pop up either at work or in our personal lives. What we want is personal balance and control, and to create inner peace. Suppose things temporarily stagnate for you. How can you solve that and create the life you want? This blog tells you about how personal coaching and life coaching can help you and gives you 3 tips for reclaiming your power.

What is a personal coach?

Personal coaching is for everyone who wants to look at themselves in an effective way. It is personal guidance by a coach. Think about what is restricting you right now. Themes that are getting in your way may be: fear, insecurity, domination, narcissim, inability to say no, eating disorders, and feeling responsible for everything. For example, you want to gain better understanding of your behaviour and where it comes from.

Together, we identify what you want to achieve. Personal coaching helps you to develop the knowledge, competencies and talents to get the best out of yourself.

What is a life coach?

A life coach guides people in achieving their goals. A life coach asks questions to increase awareness for limiting beliefs, which is the first step towards achieving goals.

The essence of life coaching is awareness and change. What you think and believe as a person affects everything you experience. A life coach gets to the core of the problem and tackles it. As a result, the change takes place at the level of awareness and creates room for new ideas. This makes it possible to achieve goals.

What are the benefits when you combine personal and life coaching?

By combining personal coaching and life coaching, the emphasis is placed on the emotional aspects of the problem and theme you come up against. The goal is to remove blocks and traumas and clear the way. This paves the way and opens up opportunities for you. Growth can often only occur after limiting beliefs, feelings and patterns have been broken. The benefits for you are:

  • When you break through patterns, your awareness grows.
  • When you become more aware, you learn to stand strong in every situation.
  • As personal and life coach, I help you achieve your goals; together we tackle your core problem. This can save you up to 12 years of pesonal development time.
  • I explain why situations or people cross your path.
  • I provide you with tools so you can continue to work on yourself.
  • You learn to have faith in yourself and how you can create the life you want.
  • Independence is key to my coaching sessions.

This means that in just a short time you rediscover balance and create direction in your life. You learn to design your own life by living from the inside out instead of from the outside in.

How do you empower yourself?

If you notice you're life is too hectic, you are running from one appointment to the next, and are being governed by a to-do list, the best thing you can do is reconnect with yourself. The three tips below will help you to rediscover your power:

  1. Breath in and out as deeply as you can, three to five times. Feel the difference.
  2. Home in on your emotions. What are they telling you? Do you feel happy or unhappy? Write down your emotions.
  3. Create a positive phrase that fits the moment and how you would like the situation to be. Examples of this are: I am a loving person. I have a right to be here, and am totally balanced at the moment.

A tip is to repeat the positive phrase until you really believe it is your truth. You will notice that you rediscover your balance and totally feel the Empowerment in yourself.

Get the best out of yourself through Empowerment & reinforce the connection with yourself. Everyone is unique, that means you too!

- Chantal van den Broek, coach

Closer to yourself with personal and life coaching

You notice in yourself that even though you had planned to do things differently and were fully motivated to tackle the problem and theme, you still can't get it done. What's next?

First you must make the connection with your emotional life and experience for yourself what you really need. Everyone needs help to move forward. Put aside your fears of failure and guilt. Tell me your story in a free introductory session. Together, we can look at your situation. Then we can take the first steps, so that you feel good again and can move on.

Send an e-mail to info@empoweryourselfcoach.com then we can plan the first meeting and you can experience the difference for yourself, what benefits a personal and life coach can offer.

You can also schedule the session directly in my agenda via: www.empoweryourselfcoach.com/free-intake.

Get started with your core problem

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