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Do you trust your intuition in every situation?


Vertrouw jij in elke situatie op je intuitie

Your intuition is an important advisor when it comes to making choices. For many people, the lesson is to learn to trust feelings and intuition. Certainly at a time when we have to make quick decisions. If you allow yourself to be influenced by your surroundings, you may, through your mind, get stuck in your thoughts. By using your intuition, however, you listen to your inner guide. What is intuition and what does it really mean to listen to your feelings? This blog explains how you can learn to trust your intuition more every day. Listening to your heart is key here.

What exactly is intuition?

The word intuition comes from the Latin for inner knowing. Another word for intuition is hunch, your gut feeling or your sixth sense. Intuition is a way of perceiving without previous experiences or reasoning. In short, it comes down to knowing that something is or is not good for you. You feel where you should or shouldn't be or when you need to do something. 

I'm sure you, like all of us, have had the experience at some point of getting caught in a discussion and feeling intuitively that it is not right, yet doing it anyway. Afterwards it turned out that your feeling was right, but when you received the signals, you ignored them. How do you make sure you listen to your intuition?

Learn to trust what your heart tells you

The basis for listening to your intuition is to trust what your heart says, literally listen to the beat of your heart. Take Jasmine for example. Jasmine knew intuitively that her relationship was not good for her. She felt this intuitively at various times throughout the day. Looked at rationally, Jasmine thought they belonged together, after all, you don't just end a 4 year relationship.

One day, Jasmine met a man and felt an immediate click. Jasmine realized that this person had all the character traits she was looking for in a relationship. She decided for herself: 'I'll give my current relationship  just a few months, and stay alert.' 

Jasmine felt increasingly unhappy in her relationship by the day. One day she got into a heavy argument with her boyfriend and suddenly she expressed what she had always wanted to say from her heart: 'I'm glad we met, but for now it doesn't feel right anymore. I want to take a time out and then decide if I want to leave you.' 

Jasmine was shocked by her own reaction because she had spoken the words of her heart out loud. She realized she had decided with her mind and reason to stay with her boyfriend because she was afraid, and in survival mode. Jasmijn had managed to suppress her feelings for years. But because of the click she felt with the man who had crossed her path, she suddenly saw what love meant to her. Despite her fears, she took the step to follow her own path. In retrospect, this is the best choice Jasmine could have made at the time.

Going around in circles for years

In Jasmine's situation you can see that for 2 of the 4 years spent with her current partner, she intuitively knew what was good for her. She had in fact learned the necessary lessons from the relationship and was ready to move in another direction. Jasmine ended up in a vicious circle because she suppressed her emotions. She tried to explain everything rationally with her head, while her intuition was constantly showing her that her heart wanted the complete opposite.

People have all sorts of reasons for suppressing their emotions, often as a protective mechanism. Afraid that the other person will hurt you. In reality, no one can touch you, unless you let it get to you, emotionally and mentally. By living from the inside out, and choosing from your intuition, you can make the right choice in just a few seconds. Following your intuition saves you a lot of time. Trusting yourself completely and following your intuition is the basis for this.

The follow-up & follow your intuition

Do you want to know how to make the right choices by listening to your intuition? So that you can use your intuition as a strength? You just don't know where to start because something in you keeps pulling you down. I, like no other, know how to let your head listen to your intuition and use it at the right time. By trusting, I made the right choices. Through those choices, I followed my life mission; this means that I am connected to my true self in every situation. 

I am a life coach, and my feelings are my most important advisor. People ask me every day to help them learn to live from their hearts, filled with dedication and trust. Stop searching, save time, follow your feelings and schedule an appointment or send an email to: info@empoweryourself.com.

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Trust your intuition in every situation

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