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Do you follow your heart or your head?



Your feeling is associated with your heart and your mind to your head. In some situations, your gut says yes while your head says no. The question is: what do you listen to? And why is it important to choose your heart? Be inspired by this blog.

Follow your heart or your head

You are formed by your upbringing, your youth and all your experiences. It is the unique map of reality. Like you, everyone looks at his or her world as they experience it, based on their reality.

You make rational decisions with your mind. You weigh up the pros and cons. Your brain is programmed to protect you from danger and fears. Bad experiences are stored, labelled and rise to the surface when the same situation occurs again. Your automatic reaction is that it is dangerous, immediately causing you to experience the feeling of fear again.

Following your heart means being true to what you know deep down is right for you. In other words, you live from the inside out and follow your intuition. In any situation, your intuition tells you whether that is a yes or no feeling. The choice that you as a person can experience on a daily basis, is the choice between your heart and your feeling. You have a discussion between your heart and your head, as it were.

What if your brain overwhelms your heart?

What I see a lot, and have experienced personally, is that your brain overwhelms your heart. Often, this happens is because emotions originate in your brain. Emotions tend to overwhelm. The fear from your brain then feels stronger than the urge you have deep inside to follow. If this happens frequently, it affects your feelings and an emotional trigger is awakened at that moment. When triggered, you experience resistance, and that may feel intense.

What are the benefits of choosing from the heart?

If you decide to choose the path of your intuition and truly follow your heart, you move closer to your authentic self. When you are in touch with your authentic self, you experience more satisfaction in your life. This path takes guts, courage and perseverance. This means that you experience triggers, fears and emotions, which in turn creates space for love. You can then create your life as it is intended.

What living from my heart has given me personally

Seven years ago I started making choices from my heart. This was very uncomfortable at first and even made me laugh at times. I carried on and looked at what it gave me personally. The more I started listening to my heart instead of my to-do list (head), doors opened for me. People crossed my path unexpectedly. Instead of working very hard, I started to work in the flow and actually got more done. Today I listen to my intuition and of course I continue to use my common sense. Every day of my life has meaning and I inspire people by speaking my truth from my heart.

Take the first steps today, follow you heart and embrace your authentic self

I want you to have the most beautiful life possible, based on relaxation, flow, enjoyment and ease. That starts by taking the first step, by living from the inside out. Listen to your heart, what is your feeling telling you that you need right now? Most importantly, apply it right away and experience the difference for yourself.

If you are dealing with triggers, emotions And blocks, mail me at: info@empoweryourselfcoach.com.
In a free intake session, I help you take the first steps so you can move forward.

Completely embrace your true self because you are worth it.

- Chantal van den Broek, coach

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