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Understanding your purpose in this life and identifying what you find valuable brings meaning, tranquility, and clarity. You can actively steer your life and prevent others or chance circumstances from determining your path. Discovering your life's purpose adds significance to your existence. When you follow your heart and utilize your talents, new doors and possibilities open up for you. The question is, how do you treat yourself along the way? Because on the journey to your life's purpose, you encounter obstacles, triggers, and challenges. In this blog, I will guide you through why this happens and how you can navigate through it. Do you want to uncover your life's purpose, fully embrace it, and take the necessary steps?

Living with a sense of purpose

Highly sensitive people need to experience a sense of purpose in their daily work. Earning money is certainly necessary, but purpose is a crucial aspect. If you no longer feel happy with your job, you may ask yourself the following questions: What truly suits me? Can I do something that allows me to contribute to the world? It starts with discovering who you truly are.

What do you stand for, and how can you be 100% your true self?

Your life mission is carried with you from birth. Some people know immediately what they have to do, while others spend a lifetime searching for their life mission. The revelation of what your life mission actually is always comes at the right moment. With the experiences and life lessons gained, you can now help others.

Being born into a specific family situation often means facing challenges from a very young age. Suppose you are born into a family where your parents are insecure. This leads to a kind of programming between your 1st and 7th year, making you feel insecure in life. Judgments and beliefs arise that you carry with you in life and unconsciously apply daily. It requires self-discipline to zoom in on these judgments and beliefs and to redirect them towards beliefs that truly align with your true self.

By taking steps every day towards what you truly want, you get closer to your life purpose. Daily, I meet people who feel that they are allowed to take the step to work on their core blockages. Once the core blockages are addressed, they move on to the next level to tackle emotional triggers. After that, they enter the phase of their life mission.

Why do you encounter challenges during the search for your life purpose?

People often have a general idea of what their life purpose is. Think of lightwork, for example, where when you enter a room, people feel your presence due to your loving energy. On the journey to discover your life purpose, you often start with enthusiasm, but you may encounter challenges right away. A trigger hits an emotional chord at such a moment, throwing you off balance. You think, "Oh no, here we go again," and before you know it, you've fallen back into your old patterns. An emotional trigger pulls you into a negative spiral, making it challenging to reverse your resolution - starting with your life mission - because you don't see any change. The positive thoughts you had turn into negative ones, and you think, "What should I do now? I don't see any change in my current situation."

Do you recognize the above vicious circles? Due to old patterns inherited from your parents, life can feel heavy at times. An example of such a pattern is when your parents live in fear and feelings of inadequacy. This learned behavior leads you to act in the same way, making you feel insecure in life and think from a mindset of scarcity. When you experience these challenges, it means you have an older soul. An older soul faces more challenges because they can handle it. The question often asked is, "Why do people around me have it easier than I do?" This is because, in this life, you are thoroughly experiencing certain themes to their core.

Dealing with Daily Challenges

If you discover the above challenges, it is important to see the positive side of these lessons daily. Lessons or challenges that you experience every day are gifts. Gifts that bring you a step closer to your life purpose.

The themes in your life can be experienced on different levels, even when you thought you had mastered the theme. This is because, once you have learned a lesson in a particular theme, you automatically move on to the next level. Ultimately, you reach a university level. When you pass these levels, the themes no longer come your way, and you stand in the power of the resolved theme in your life.

If you resist following your life mission and ignore the life lessons, the challenges become more intense. The reason for this is that you are avoiding the lessons. In a roundabout way, the universe ensures that you get back on your main path.

Your life purpose is a talent or gift that you have been given and that comes effortlessly to you. It comes so easily to you that you almost hesitate to ask for money for it, while others cannot replicate your talents in any way. This means that you can focus on the blockages within you to step into your greatness.

What steps can you take to break patterns and blockages?

If you recognize, understand, and take action to do things differently, you are truly taking the steps needed for a happy and successful life. My gift is that I can remove the core of problems. Everything is energy, and blockages are stuck in your body. Once the lessons are learned, the blockages and the core problem can truly be removed. When this is energetically removed from your body, people and challenges related to your central themes no longer come your way.

By addressing the obstacles to your life's purpose, such as mistrust and self-diminishment, you approach your goals with determination, enabling you to truly embark on your life's purpose in a short amount of time. It becomes a lifestyle that you integrate into your daily life, allowing you to experience meaning, tranquility, clarity, and joy on a daily basis.

Do you need help breaking out of the vicious circle? You can join the Transformers program, where in six months, you are guided to break illusions, blockages, and emotional triggers once and for all. This makes your talents visible, and from there, you can achieve everything you want. Interested? Schedule your free intake conversation here.

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