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A growing number of people are concerned about living in awareness, giving attention and focus to a meaningful life and personal development. When you work on self-awareness, you reach the point when you start asking yourself profound questions. Questions such as: what is my life mission? And what makes me really happy? You home in on what moves you personally, in order to discover what your personal life mission is. In this blog I will show you how you can discover your life mission.

What is a life mission?

We all have a life mission. We have the talents we need to fulfil that life mission by doing what truly moves us and gives us meaning. Life mission sounds huge, but essentially it means focusing on what the present moment is asking of you and what your heart says you should be doing. How do you discover your purpose in life? I'll illustrate it taking an example from Jasmine's life.

Discover the quest for your life mission

10 years ago, Jasmine had a good job, a boyfriend, a nice house and lots of friends. Yet, she wasn't happy, and couldn't put her finger on why. She decided to listen to her intuition and follow her passion for meditation. She took classes and looked at meditation courses. She was really drawn to it, but at the same time she thought: I want more than just meditation.

Somehow or other her relationship became a source of stress and Jasmine decided to put herself first, so she moved out to live on her own. The moment she had her own place, deep in her heart she knew that the process of breaking up had helped her. Using this experience, she was able to help both men and women put themselves first and to guide them through the separation process. She was able to use it immediately at work. When she guided others, she made sure they rediscovered their true selves. She used meditation in the sessions to help people experience the reasons for their situation more deeply and why that situation had crossed their path. Jasmine felt intensely happy. This also helped her realise that this was the beginning of her quest for her life mission. There was so much more to discover.

How can I discover my talents?

Discovering your gifts and talents can take many years. You can always look 1 step ahead. It helps to tackle your core issues first, because that brings you closer to your true self. From that viewpoint you can see yourself as you really are. No projections, no preconceived beliefs about yourself or judgments from other people stored somewhere in your subconscious.

Your gifts and talents always flow smoothly, without too much effort from you. They are there just waiting for you. To become more aware of your preferences, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did I like to do as a child?
  • What makes me enthusiastic and what did I talk about all the time?
  • What gives me energy?
  • What was easy and effortless? Then and now.
  • What things do I find easy to teach myself?
  • What requests do I get from other people?
  • What earns me compliments?
  • When do I feel that time flies?

What is stopping you following your life mission?

Perhaps you haven't discovered your life mission or are subconsciously hiding behind your fear. In Jasmine's case, it took a year before she had the courage to end her relationship. The prevailing thought in for her was: ‘perhaps I will be alone for the rest of my life, and how will I be able to pay for my house myself every month?’ All beliefs that Jasmine internalised as the truth. Looking back, she saw that putting herself first and to carry on alone was the best choice she had ever made. And because of this experience, Jasmine could do what her hear told her she really wanted to do.

Restoring the connection with yourself

Because Jasmine went through experience of the breakup, her connection with herself was restored. This was absolutely not what Jasmine had expected. Often, a person will not get what they want, but they will get what they need. Every time you have the courage to take these steps with confidence, you come closer to your life mission. It takes guts, action and perseverance.

Discover your life mission

Are you a lightworker, New Age child and/or a highly sensitive person (HSP) and do you want to discover your life mission? Take the 1st step towards connecting with your true self. We can take the journey together. First we tackle your core problems, then start the search for your life mission at the same time. By taking action, you discover what really matters to you.

Every day, in my coaching practice I help and guide people in their search for their life mission and/or help them solve their core problem so that they can work on achieving that life mission and help them understand why these struggles occurred.

Find out what we can do for each other and discover your life mission. Schedule a personal intake session today.

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