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Coordinated business models: what are the benefits?


Afgestemde business modellen wat zijn de voordelen

What are coordinated business models and how does it work? Everything starts with an idea, but a good idea does not always mean a successful idea with which you will conquer the market.

You already have a business or you want to start as an entrepreneur. This is so you can be independent and experience more freedom in your daily life. Based on personal experiences, we work with coordinated business models to help shape the business you want. In this blog we will take you through the benefits of coordinated business models.

You have an idea and are getting started

You have a good idea and a good feeling and you have defined your ideal customer. Your website has been built and you have started creating visibility for yourself on social media. But there are no customers, and things are not flowing as they should. You start to wonder what went wrong in the process.

What are coordinated business models?

The newest form of marketing is working with coordinated business models.
The criteria for coordinated business models are as follows:

  • You know what you want and what your ambition is.
  • You know what your mission is.
  • You know what your experiences and talents are.
  • You work on your blocks.
  • You know who you ideal customers are and where to find them.
  • You collaborate with the right people.

 There are three phases in the process for a successful business:

  1. You discover your blocks and the themes you are faced with as an entrepreneur.
  2. Your transformation process begins so you start working on your core problems.
  3. You define your business goals & create your successful business.

It is important for a successful business, as you see it, that the points above are coordinated so your business can flourish.
How do you break vicious circles?

Personal experiences

Let's look at a personal example. Marcel & Chantal met each other over 18 months ago. Chantal had already been an entrepreneur for a while, but her business wasn't flowing the way she wanted. Marcel who had left a successful business behind to make a new start in life, immediately saw what was going on and why Chantal's business wasn't flowing. 

Based on that, a new business model was drawn up and shortly after, a new website was launched. By finding the right channels for each target group, it began to flow within three months. From there, Chantal's business can progress to the next level. By working on both Chantal's and Marcel's blocks and using visualisations and coordinated action, things now flow and customers cross our path every day.

Where to start?

Be clear about where you are no wand we can help you with the next steps:

  • Know what you want and we make sure the basis of your business is organised.
  • Work on your blocks and on tackling core problems.
  • Ask for help from the right people around you, that brings you closer to your goals and in that way you don't have to search, so you save time.

Did you know that for your business to flourish, 90% is mindset and 10% is action?
And the 10% action is easy to apply through daily coordination?
If you first do the inner work, you can really establish a successful business in the flow, with pleasure and ease.

What's next and the benefits of this method

Because of our own experiences and gifts, we can help you immediately. We home in completely on your personal situation and we tackle the core problems directly at the core. Thanks to the coordinated business model, you get working on your goal and come closer to it a step at a time. You become the independent entrepreneur you dreamt of and you can help people with your personal talents.

The advantage of our working method is that you do not have to think about what is best for your business, just follow the steps we give you and we guide you if necessary. This puts you in control and saves you a lot of time because you immediately take the right, coordinated actions that are good for you and your company at that time.

With coordinated concepts and action, achieve your flourishing and successful business in the flow, with pleasure and ease.

- Marcel Steenbruggen, coach

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Do you have a successful business or do you perhaps already have a business and are looking for multiple revenue or business models? We can also provide you with full service in this area, and we look at new opportunities and possibilities fully coordinated with your company.

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