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Haal het beste in jezelf en de ander naar boven & alles over je mindset Empower Yourself

During a team session, I asked all those present how they bring out the best in themselves. And when you bring out the best in yourself, that happens with the other person too. Of the 20 participants, 17 said they were not concerned with that at all. The other 3 said how they coached themselves and the other team members every day. I am curious to know how you bring out the best in yourself. Did you know that limiting beliefs are often the reason why people stick to the old familiar situation?

Do not let your beliefs limit you

When you believe you have made a mistake, do you learn from it and see it as an opportunity to do things differently? Here too, limiting thoughts can hold your back. These become beliefs that do not serve you. They keep you small and prevent you from seeing your full potential. Beliefs are formed by situations that you have labelled. You may still apply the same label years later, without even realising it. The first step is to become aware that you are sabotaging yourself with your own beliefs. Then the question is, how to turn this limiting belief around.

Transforming limiting beliefs in 5 steps

  1. Write down a limiting belief that no longer serves you
  2. Think of a positive belief that suits you better and write it down
  3. Create a positive affirmation (powerful sentence) from this desirable belief
  4. Repeat the affirmation as often as you can, every day
  5. Link the affirmation to a positive feeling

These steps help you to reprogramme your mindset as it were. It is really simple to do and you can start today. It is important to focus on how you can bring out the best in yourself, because it will make your life more pleasant and because you deserve it.

Experiences from my coaching practice

What I notice in my practice is that the core problem people are facing in their lives is not what they think it is. They want to take immediate action, but do not have the right focus because the root of their problem is not clear. And if they don't get the results, they often give up, which is a shame because when you work on your real problem you will get the desired results. I discovered and solved my core problem after 15 years, and now experience daily happiness, pleasure and success. That's what I want for you, 100%. Let me help you to break through your core problem. Book a free intake session, and stop going around in circles.

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