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Amazing happiness at work: how do you do that?


Waanzinnig werkgeluk hoe doe je dat

Do you want to experience more happiness had work, or are you facing change at work and want to stay in charge of your leadership? In this blog I will tell you how you can create amazing happiness at work and take charge of your leadership so you remain empowered in the face of change. You can create amazing happiness at work by doing what makes you happy in your heart.

What is happiness at work?

Job satisfaction is more than just enjoying the work you do. Happiness at work is having work that gives you satisfaction, makes you enthusiastic and motivated. This is all influenced by external factors, such as your colleagues or your home situation. If you follow your passion based on the talents you have, happiness at work is a way of living that gives you energy. Answer the following questions for yourself:

  • What does happiness at work mean to you?
  • What drives you every day?
  • What makes you enthusiastic?

What if you’re experiencing less or no happiness at work right now?

If you’re experiencing very little or no happiness at work right now, home in on where you think this is causing it. You might encounter resistance, conflict or lack of understanding. Perhaps you don’t feel safe enough or are not experiencing any confidence. 

Here’s an example. Jasmine runs a thriving liquor business with her husband. In her hearty, Jasmine feels that she would like to become a coach. But those around her hold her back. But the urge to become a coach is so strong that Jasmine decides to set up a website herself and start the coaching company. Despite the fear that her immediate family and friends don't think it's a good idea, she takes the necessary steps. In just 2 years, Jasmine has a successful business and is happy that she followed her heart.

How do you cope with changes in your environment?

Changes within an organization or changes that are taking place in the world can throw you off balance and impact your happiness at work. It is important to be true to yourself and the core values you stand for. This helps you live from the inside out. Because you live from the inside out, you are able to see the benefits of change and how you can gain control over your happiness at work.

What steps can you take to create amazing happiness at work?

How do you create amazing happiness at work? You often get stuck going round in circles and asking yourself the same questions. Even if you decide to set up your own company, where do you start and what steps do you take? 

From my personal experiences I have discovered 10 steps and if you apply them it is possible to create your best life. Based on the EMPOWER model, the 10 steps to empower yourself in any situation with domineering or narcissistic behaviour are:

Step 1. Where are you now?

 Step 2. Analyse your patterns, attitude and behaviour

 Step 3. mE First

 Step 4. Adopt a positive Mindset

 Step 5. Be Proactive

 Step 6. Overcome limiting Beliefs 

 Step 7. Work on your inner Resistance

 Step 8. Keep your Emotions in balance

 Step 9. Celebrate Results, every day

 Step 10. Start working on your happiness at work

Where to start

The most important step is to become aware of where you stand and what you really want. If you decide you're all set and ready for your new life, start working with the steps above. In the book, 10 Steps for Amazing Happiness at Work you can read how you can apply the EMPOWER model in your life a step at a time and how you can stay emotionally balanced when it comes to your happiness at work.

Be the change you want
to see in this world.

- Mahatma Gandhi

What next?

Are you ready to start creating amazing happiness at work? Are you looking for the right guidance so your dream goal, for example setting up your own company or your company, can flow more and more? Book a free intake session and experience for yourself how this session impacts you.

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