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Why is one person more successful than another person?

Why do some people radiate success while others lag behind? Did you know that only 5% of all your daily actions are consciously performed? An astounding 95% of your human actions, however, reside in your subconscious, of which you have no idea what's happening there. Your subconscious influences how you think, feel, behave, and act. It also determines why certain things succeed or fail.

This principle applies to entrepreneurship as well. I possess the unique gift of bringing forth and transforming the hidden 95% of your subconscious in a few sessions, allowing you to grow into the radiant person you aspire to be. As a result, you'll be able to achieve everything you desire in life, or even better than that.

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Your Most Successful company

Realizing your most successful venture based on your unique talents and gifts is absolutely achievable. It all begins with gaining clarity around the questions below:

  • What is your mission?
  • How can you best help people?
  • What comes naturally to you?
  • What are the recurring themes in your life?

Ten years ago, I asked myself the same questions, and by going through the 5 transformation phases, I was able to quickly transform into my authentic self. From my true self, my mission became clear, and from there, I took the steps to realize my most successful venture.

Thanks to the valuable lessons I've learned and by addressing core blockages, I can help you transform into financial independence in a short period of time. This way, you can achieve everything you aspire to do.

The Steps for Your Most Successful company

Through establishing my own business, I discovered how you can build your company in 4 steps and maintain direction and focus. It's easier than you think when you know how to do it.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Discover your unique (work) methodologies based on your talents.
  2. Develop your offering based on your talents.
  3. Focus on the 5% actions that generate the most revenue for you.
  4. Take action, make adjustments, have fun, and enjoy the process.

Business Concepts and Overcoming Blockages

The success of a business is determined by well-aligned business concepts and taking daily actions that are in line with your life mission. It is essential for every entrepreneur to take the right actions at the right time. This means addressing the blockages within yourself first, with a specific focus on visibility, money, and revenue. Once your offering and foundation are solid, the power lies in taking the appropriate actions aligned with your goals.

When everything effortlessly flows from a state of flow, you, your business, employees, and customers grow to the next level together. You can apply this simultaneously, effortlessly meeting the needs of your ideal clients. Pleasure and passion for your craft as an entrepreneur are at the core of this approach.

Combining Our Talents

In this unique collaboration between Chantal and Marcel, we bring together our passions, knowledge, and unique gifts. This results in a powerful all-in-one business concept with intuitive leadership at its core. This will save you and your business at least ten years of development time.

Throughout this period, you will do exactly what is right and necessary to make your business even more successful. You will work with effective and aligned business concepts, including a business reading, and learn how to take aligned actions that yield immediate results for you and your (startup) enterprise.

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Allow us to introduce ourselves

All in one business concept Chantal

Life & transformatie coach

Through 20 years of experience with business clients, Chantal has combined her gift with achieving results. By tackling the core problems with both employees and the company, she sets people and organizations in motion and implements the change from effortlessness, joy and ease. Chantal is a go-getter, knows how to get things done and is people and results-oriented.

All in one business concept Marcel

Intuïtief business coach

Through 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Marcel has combined his talents with successfully achieving results with customers. By establishing business and marketing concepts, the companies are flowing. Marcel is service-oriented, solution-oriented and very creative. Marcel knows how to tackle things, always thinks in terms of opportunities and possibilities and Marcel has a great sense of humor.

Can you relate to this?

You have a strong desire to move forward and a deep sense that you have a mission. You have the drive to manifest what you feel in your heart. You encounter the following challenges, either in an existing business where you want to maximize its potential or as you strive to take action aligned with your heart's calling:

  • You want to take heart-centered action, but you find yourself stuck in a cycle.
  • You question whether the world is waiting for you. Is it possible to earn money doing what you truly love?
  • How do you maintain a state of flow in your daily business operations?
  • How do you deal with resistance?
  • You are full of ideas and inspiration, but how do you maintain focus?
  • How do you stay motivated when people around you may not always understand?
  • How do you establish the foundation of your business?
  • How do you ensure that your business flows again or flows even more?

Our Personal Experiences

We have also faced these questions and challenges. We are here to help you with them. Chantal has developed the 5 transformation phases and has successfully propelled individuals and teams towards their most successful lives and businesses in a short period of time. Marcel has previously built a multimillion-dollar enterprise and intimately understands the obstacles you may encounter. Through this process, he has become a richer individual and has a unique insight into the concepts that can activate the awakened millionaire within you. Everything you need is already within you.

We understand better than anyone how to make your business flow through aligned business concepts and addressing blockages related to money and revenue. We pinpoint the areas in your business that are hindering its flow. This saves you and your business a minimum of ten years of development time. With this all-in-one business concept, you will do exactly what is right and necessary, and we will teach you how to do it efficiently and with focus in a short period of time.

What does the all-in-one business concept deliver?

When you become aware that you are at the helm of your life and you become conscious of the 95% in your subconscious that we tackle together, doors will open, and new possibilities will emerge. Your life and mission will accelerate. The all-in-one business concept delivers the following:

  • You set your goals and desires from a place of empowerment rather than fear.
  • You establish your life mission and leverage your unique talents.
  • You learn how to run your business on a daily basis through alignment.
  • You break free from patterns and habits that hinder progress and embrace actions that work.
  • Your emotional and energetic management are balanced daily.
  • You have a clear focus on your aligned goals.
  • You know how to utilize marketing strategies that generate revenue for you.
  • You create harmony and balance in your business relationships.
  • You learn how to structure your business for results.
  • You acquire skills in leading and managing a team, producing desired outcomes.
  • You elevate your team to a higher level while maintaining a joyful atmosphere.
  • You are willing to deeply examine yourself, take action, and undergo transformation at a profound level.

Your Exclusive Golden Ticket!

We are thrilled to share our talents with you. That's why we have a special offer just for you. We will zoom in on your existing business and assist you in creating new concepts by combining our unique gifts and aligning them with your enterprise. With our abilities, we can quickly get to the core and take efficient actions to revitalize or further enhance your business, all while embracing joy.

This all-in-one business concept will save you, your team, and your business a minimum of 10 years in time, energy, and money. It will deliver your most successful business outcomes!

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