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About Chantal van den Broek

Let me take you back in time. As a child, I felt unsure of myself and believed I could never live up to the expectations of those around me. To compensate for my insecurity, I attracted people who were self-confident.

I see in hindsight these people were domineering. Subconsciously, I developed a pattern of people pleasing and came up against challenges involving dominating and narcissistic behaviour.

After my relationship of 15 years ended, I began to understand why dominating behaviour had crossed my path. Why I was continuously confronted with domination at work, was something I couldn't place at that time. But I did know that they way it made me feel did not serve me; it kept me small.

That insight was the first step in my inner awareness. I include my own experience with dominating behaviour at work and in relationships in my coaching.


Process of awareness in others

My life experiences, consultancy work and coaching, have taught me to get to the root of an issue quickly, make connections and see underlying problems. I am an experienced collaborator at all levels and am familiar with a wide range of requests for help. Achieving the desired result is always a priority for me. Communication is the key when it comes to initiating change in people. A lot of people see me as interesting because I do my own thing and follow my heart, and work purposefully for the client. I make no distinction between individual and corporate because the human aspect is always central. Becoming empowered is a process of awareness in which I am happy to help and guide you.

Empower Yourself Mission and Vision

After a process of inner awareness, applying my knowledge and life experience to a wide audience has become my mission, because that way, I am able to offer support to others using my holistic approach. I help them in their process of becoming aware and provide practical tools which they can use to achieve their goals.

By tackling the real core problem, the transformation process in people and organisations is set in motion. This is immediately a good illustration of my vision. It is the way to resolve emotions, triggers and blocks, traumas and limiting beliefs. The result is that every goal is achievable.

Using the methods I developed, I get people to take action and provide them with the tools for achieving their goals, a step at a time.

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