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Blogs 2022

De kracht van een visualisatie

The power of a visualisation

How do I stay empowered every day? A question often asked by my clients. In addition to tackling your core blocks it is important to work on having the right mindset. How do you overcome obstacles and how do you reach your true goals?

Waarom val ik op de verkeerde man of vrouw

Why do I fall for Mister or Miss Wrong?

Do you belong to the group that seems to be unlucky in love? There is often a reason for falling for Mister or Miss Wrong. Your choice of partner is determined by the way your parents cared for you in those early years from birth to four years old. 

Jezelf opladen empower yourself

Recharge your batteries

It's the start of the new year, one in which all your dreams and wishes may come true. What I quite often see is that many people like doing things for others because it gives them a sense of satisfaction and purpose.

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