Why do I fall for Mister or Miss Wrong?

waarom-val-ik-op-de-verkeerde-man-of-vrouw.jpg14 Jan Do you belong to the group that seems to be unlucky in love? There is often a reason for falling for Mister or Miss Wrong. Your choice of partner is determined by the way your parents cared for ... full story

Achieve great results, one small step at a time

Bereik-met-kleine-stappen-florerende-resultaten.jpg10 Jan The power of making changes in a company lies in taking one small step at a time. It is important to work on the foundation first. Once the basics are in place, make the transition to your ... full story

Recharge your batteries

Jezelf-opladen-Empower-Yourself.jpg09 Jan It's the start of the new year, one in which all your dreams and wishes may come true. What I quite often see is that many people like doing things for others because it gives them a sense of ... full story

Discover your life mission

Je-levensmissie-ontdekken.jpg20 Dec A growing number of people are concerned about living in awareness, giving attention and focus to a meaningful life and personal development. When you work on self-awareness, you reach the point ... full story

How do you become more self-aware?

Je-bewust-worden-van-jezelf.jpg09 Dec Personal development begins with becoming more self-aware. What does that mean and how do you do it? This blog tells you how, and provides you with 3 tips. What is self-awareness? Self-awareness ... full story

The ultimate Christmas feeling: do you believe in miracles?

the-ultimate-christmas-feeling-do-you-believe-in-miracles.jpg06 Dec What is that Christmas feeling really? It's tough to put that feeling into words and it's different for everyone. That Christmas feeling pops up out of nowhere, and gives you an ultimate joyful ... full story

What is happiness for you?

Wat-is-geluk-voor-jou.jpg19 Nov Happiness is found in the small things, like a kind word or a smile. Or giving another person some real attention. Happiness is especially about your emotional experience. This blog explains what ... full story

Do you follow your heart or your head?

Volg jij je hart of volg jij jouw verstand.jpg12 Nov Your feeling is associated with your heart and your mind to your head. In some situations, your gut says yes while your head says no. The question is: what do you listen to? And why is it ... full story

This is how you transform successfully!

Succesvol-transformeren-doe-je-zo.jpg09 Nov When you look at life missions, personal growth and development are always key. Why is it that one person develops faster than another? And how do you transform into your authentic self? In this ... full story

Personal coaching and life coaching for when you get stuck

Personal-coaching-en-life-coaching-voor-als-je-even-vastloopt.jpg05 Nov We all get stuck at some stage in our lives. We all face challenges, themes that repeatedly pop up either at work or in our personal lives. What we want is personal balance and control, and to ... full story

Use your high sensitivity as a strength

Gebruik-je-hooggevoeligheid-als-kracht.jpg09 Oct High sensitivity is a strength, not a burden. In my coaching practice, I work with people every day who are unaware of their high sensitivity. How do you find out whether you are highly sensitive ... full story

Do you believe in yourself and how do you avoid self-sabotage? Use these 4 tips

Geloof-jij-in-jezelf-en-hoe-voorkom-je-zelfsabotage.jpg09 Sep Many people sabotage themselves without being aware of it. What exactly is self-sabotage? In short, it means getting in the way of your own happiness. It means keeping yourself small. The result ... full story

Rediscovering yourself after a break up or divorce

Jezelf-terugvinden-na-een-relatiebreuk-of-scheiding-Empower-Yourself.jpg09 Aug During coaching sessions I often speak with people who have gone through a break up or people who need to choose for themselves. During these sessions people often say what they are really feeling... full story

How do you create amazing happiness at work? Take control of your leadership

Hoe-creëer-jij-waanzinnig-geluk-op-je-werk--Neem-de-regie-over-je-leiderschap-Empower-Yourself.jpg09 Jul My previous book, '10 Steps to Overcome Domination', was published in March 2020. What a fantastic experience. People who take up the challenge are really helped. During the coaching sessions I am... full story

Bring out the best in yourself and the other person & all about your mindset

Haal-het-beste-in-jezelf-en-de-ander-naar-boven-&-alles-over-je-mindset-Empower-Yourself.jpg09 Jun During a team session, I asked all those present how they bring out the best in themselves. And when you bring out the best in yourself, that happens with the other person too. Of the 20 ... full story

How to realise your desires? Use these 3 tips

Je-verlangens-waarmaken--Gebruik-deze-3-tips-Empower-Yourself.jpg09 May In 2020 the world came to a standstill for a while. We were faced with a pandemic that shook everyone up. But the past year was also one of transformation. For many, the pandemic was a challenge, ... full story
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