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I am a transformation & life coach and through my coaching practice, Empower Yourself, I help people and teams discover their power. Together, we create the life you desire, regardless of the challenges you encounter.

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Are you longing for more personal success? Discover the power of the 5 transformative phases that will guide you step by step towards a life filled with success. This transformation will help you uncover yourself and grow with purpose. Success already resides within you, 5% consciously and 95% unconsciously. We focus on your subconscious mind and overcome barriers and emotional triggers. Experience a sense of freedom in all areas of your life. This way, you can experience complete freedom in every aspect of your life. When you are emotionally balanced, you lay the foundation for a healthy and prosperous life.

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Are you longing for more business success? With our guidance through the 5 transformative phases, we take you step by step towards a life filled with business success like you've never experienced before. You can purposefully transform into your true self. The key is that success already resides within you. Everyone has unique talents that can be further developed, allowing you to run your business on your own terms and in alignment with your time, energy, and money, with joy and ease. You will receive a customized business concept, and we will work on overcoming money and revenue bar.


If you're feeling stuck in both your work and personal life and experiencing physical symptoms, it can be valuable to receive guidance to be understood. In addition to understanding, you will also receive explanations as to why certain situations occur in your life. This will provide you with insight and help you grow to a higher level of consciousness. You will learn how to connect from your authentic self to the inner answers that already exist within you. It's a lifestyle that ensures your most successful life. You will receive our own developed tools and life lessons that will accelerate your progress. By addressing the core issues, you will transform and free yourself from emotional, mental, and physical symptoms. From this foundation, you can take the step to bring your unique talents to the world and build a successful business that allows you to earn good money. We will guide you step by step in this transformation.

“By identifying and dealing with the core problems, in a short space of time, people and teams can transform and achieve their goals.”

If I had to choose one word that defines everything about me, it would be transformation. Looking back on everything I have done, the situations that have come my way have led me to where I stand today. In hindsight, everything has become clear, and for that, I have taken a step every day that has brought me to what is now my greatest passion: helping people in their transformation process.

In my role as a transformation coach and life coach, I guide individuals in discovering their authentic selves. I explain the significance of certain situations that come their way, assist in their transformation, and encourage them to adopt a holistic lifestyle. Through this lifestyle, you create your most successful life.

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Chantal van den Broek

Transformation and life coach

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“Amazing how quickly Chantal got to the core of my underlying blocks. The visualisations helped me to find my power."

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“My life changed completely once I fully surrendered to the process. I am freed from any domination and narcissism that crosses my path.”

Personal coaching
- narcissism and domination

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“I identified my core problems, the associated emotions and beliefs bothering me. I learned how to deal with emotions and beliefs.”

Personal coaching
- personal development

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“Chantal gives you solid handles and tools for implementing what you learn in your daily life.”

Business coaching
- Happiness training

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Using the methods I developed, I get people to take action and provide them with the tools for achieving their goals, a step at a time.

Below, you can watch the video of the broadcast of "Nederland Beleeft!" on RTL 4, where I talk more about the coaching of Empower Yourself.

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