I am a life & transformation coach and through my coaching practice, Empower Yourself, I help people and teams discover their power. I base my coaching and guidance on personal themes.



I provide coaching and training to individuals, focussing on domination and narcissism and other life themes. I help individuals to develop their unique talents, so they can achieve their goals from a position of authenticity and strength.

Personal coach


I guide organisations, teams and individuals to deal with conflict and other issues, through coaching, workshops, lectures, masterclasses and tailormade training. The focus is on achieving goals within a set time frame.

Business coach

Watch the video of the broadcast of Nederland Beleeft below! on RTL 4, where I tell more about the coaching of Empower Yourself.


“Amazing how quickly Chantal got to the core of my underlying blocks. The visualisations helped me to find my power."

Personal coaching
- work/personal


“My life changed completely once I fully surrendered to the process. I am freed from any domination and narcissism that crosses my path.”

Personal coaching
- narcissism and domination


“I identified my core problems, the associated emotions and beliefs bothering me. I learned how to deal with emotions and beliefs.”

Personal coaching
- personal development


“Chantal gives you solid handles and tools for implementing what you learn in your daily life.”

Business coaching
- Happiness training

Using the methods I developed, I get people to take action and provide them with the tools for achieving their goals, a step at a time.

Free intake session with Chantal
E book - Domination

E-book 10 Steps to Overcome Domination

If you want to learn how to deal with dominating behaviour and narcissism then this book is for you. It will help you to stay empowered, whatever the situation, and to experience more freedom so you can build a successful future.

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E Book - Happiness at work

E-book 10 Steps to Amazing Happiness at Work

If you want to experience more happiness at work and learn to grow and adapt to change at work then this book is for you. It teaches you how to maintain control and focus on your leadership.

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€ 9,95


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My passions for coaching, awareness and knowledge exchange all come together in my coaching practice. The overarching theme is independence, so everyone can stand on their own two feet and take the necessary steps after the coaching. I get people and teams to take action, both in my role as personal coach and business coach. I apply my own experience with domination and narcissism and themes people encounter in their lives, in my coaching sessions. I always work from the heart and my passion. I am enthusiastic about coaching and supporting people in their process of awareness, and by the results they achieve.

“By identifying and dealing with the core problems, in a short space of time, people and teams can transform and achieve their goals.”


Chantal van den Broek

Personal & business coach

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